Summit Sisters

Imagine a heart-opening weekend,
new friends, outdoor partners…

Our classes and experiential workshops include:

  • Deep nature connection – tap into your connection to the earth in powerful ways.
  • Connection to your body – yoga and somatic practices.
  • Inspiration and calling – creating your own small business, finding your professional path.
  • Competence and outdoor skills – baking backpacking pizza, packing a comfortable backpack, building a first aid kit, using a map and compass.

Summit Sisters provides a safe and supportive space to learn new skills and experience the kind of connection you don’t get in everyday busy life!  This event is for anyone 18 and over who identifies as a woman.

THIRD Annual SUMMIT SISTERS, June 22nd thru 24th, at Meadow Mountain Lodge in Allenspark, Colorado. Enrollment includes workshops, camping or tent cabin, and meals.


Workshops & Activities


Dawn hikes to see the sunrise over Rocky Mountain National Park, day hikes in the area


Opening and closing ceremonies to set the stage for a transformational weekend


Daily yoga classes with Olivia Hsu, prAna ambassador

Live Music

Live music around the bonfire Friday night


Storytelling jam around the bonfire Saturday night

Delicious Communal Meals

All meals catered on-site. We are able to work with most dietary restrictions and needs!

Nature Connection

Classes on fostering your connection to the natural world

Outdoor Skills

Classes on camping, backpacking, cooking, navigation, survival, and more!


Workshops on getting inspired by the epic surroundings


Connect to your creative self through classes on journaling and poetry

Uncovering your Purpose

Workshops on life path and direction


Meditation, grounding and awareness activities

“…This 100% changed the way I think about myself and the way it impacts my relationships with others.”


Many more awesome presenters to be added, please check back…

Olivia Hsu has been a student and teacher of yoga for more than 10 years. A Boulder, CO, native, she has spent several years as a competitive sponsored climber traveling to exotic locations such as Thailand, China, Europe, and Nepal. When not scaling a rock face, she can be found hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park and doing yoga. She currently teaches at the Yoga Workshop in Boulder under the guidance of Richard Freeman and guides trekking retreats in the Himalaya.

Becky Marcelliano is an explorer, creator, do-er, and inspirer. She attributes her love of wilderness to her early days of playing in the forests of New Jersey with her family. Since then, she ventured on to Colorado for school, guided all across the West, rode her bicycle across America, and continues to find as many personal-growth opportunities as possible. She’s currently the Marketing Manager for Deuter backpacks: combining her love of gear, the outdoors, and human connection. She’s a strong believer in creating the life we each dream of.

Kriste Peoples is a writer, runner, outdoor enthusiast, and speaker who thrives in Colorado. From her timid orays in the outdoors and running marathons on little more than dares and hope, she learned the value of having a supportive community from which to grow and learn. As a Denver transplant, she founded Black Women’s Alliance in response to the often isolating journey of creating that same sense of belonging. It’s this passion for connection and empowerment that inspires her coaching women along the trails with Lifes2Short Fitness, leading hikes, or facilitating trainings. By day she’s a media producer working at another of her joys: leaving her world better than she found it.

For Jessie Krebs, trees were always a safe place, and the wind always her best friend. She stepped away from that safe world to join the Air Force and became a Global Survival Instructor, known now as a S.E.R.E. Specialist. The methods she learned through her training were not in tune with nature, but they did teach how to survive in the natural world, no matter where on the planet Jessie might choose to roam. And, they showed her that she rather likes people, LOVES to teach, and is very adept at offering wilderness therapy. Empowering women and others who are often marginalized is Jessie’s singular passion, and the out-of-doors her favorite place to do it.

Pinar Sinopoulos-Lloyd has always been allured by how the natural world mirrors one’s internal landscape. Enchanted by the liminal, Pınar identifies as genderfluid QPOC (Queer Person of Color) with their mother’s side native to the Americas. Their self-designed studies include a B.A. in “Somatic & Depth Ecopsychology” from Prescott College, graduating from the Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Outdoor School and Wildlife Tracking Intensive as well as other immersive studies at Animas Valley Institute, Naropa University, and the Esalen Institute.

So Sinopoulos-Lloyd’s most meaningful experiences have occurred in contexts where wilderness and the non-human world were a central part of human community. So is genderqueer and draws on the natural world for understandings of queer identity and personhood. They have long been fascinated by the relationship between spirituality and nature and strive to hold space for the practical and ecological intelligence of myth, symbol, and ritual in nature-based education. So has done immersive studies in both wilderness survival and nature-based mentorship, and worked the land on many organic farms.

By day, Rachel Zurer is the Editorial Director of Conscious Company Media, a daily website and bi-monthly print magazine about the power of work and business to create positive change. Her job involves talking the world’s foremost experts on leadership, meaningful work, and finding purpose, and then sharing that knowledge with readers. By night and weekend, she’s a vinyasa yoga teacher, daily meditator, freelancer writer, vegan cook, and lover of all things outdoors. Before joining Conscious Company in 2016, she spent nearly 5 years as an editor on the award-winning team at Backpacker magazine.

Monserrat Alvarez (Guachichil and Mexica), is an outdoor educator who loves to climb and dismantle systems of oppression. Her work is centered around connection to land, ancestry, and stories of resilience. She currently lives in Denver, CO and spends her time working as an outdoor educator, rock guide, and consultant around Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in the outdoors. She currently leads her work through Women’s Wilderness and Brown Girls Climb where she supports women and girls in the outdoors. She is an ambassador for Natives Outdoors and grassroots athlete for Outdoor Research.

Stephanie Zorn and Jamie Martin are great friends and coworkers at an all-girls school in Texas. Both women were drawn to the school because of its focus on student individuality, intellectual growth, and service. They contribute to the school’s mission by working on student diversity and inclusion, serving as student advisors, and implementing programs that address student well-being. Stephanie and Jamie witness first-hand the impact our current culture has on young adults, their identity and their sense of self. It is these experiences that propelled them to connect with Dr. Melody Moore and the Embody Love Movement. Both women are facilitators for Embody Love and have integrated the Embody Love Curriculum into their classes as well as sharing it in workshops with adults.

Kimberly Barrett is a wildlife scientist, outdoor educator, visual storyteller and healer who’s deep connection to nature started before she was born. Her African and Indigenous lineage from Xamayca (Jamaica) guides her multi-faceted career. Kimberly has spent the last 10 years completing research projects for governmental agencies and although, her work has taken her around the world, sharing her love of the outdoors in community with folks of marginalized identities has always been her lifeblood. Kimberly enjoys creating nature-based programming for youth and adults. She is on a lifelong journey to create safe and intentional space for BIQTPOC (Black Indigenous Queer Trans People of Color) and other folks with marginalized identities in nature.

Laurie Green is a Spiritual Coach and Energy Healing Facilitator. Her personal journey of spiritual restoration allows her to identify with the challenges many endure on the path to emotional/spiritual recovery and to connect with audiences on a deeply meaningful and inspirational level. With nearly 20 years of working with energy healing, her practice includes Reiki, meditation, chakra and aura clearing, psychic clearing, faith healing, formal ministry and lay counseling. Laurie is the proprietor of Livinspired Healing Arts whose mission is to promote wholeness of being through awakening, healing and developing the Essence of humanity.


Where will Summit Sisters take place?

At Meadow Mountain Ranch, Allenspark.  Check out a Google Maps Link HERE – it is about 1 hour from Boulder and 1.5 hours from Denver International Airport.  It’s right next door to Rocky Mountain National Park!  This site is a Girl Scout Camp – see a video HERE to see some of the scenery, the dining hall, and cabins.

How do I get there?

Here are directions; here’s the Google Map.  You can get there with a 2 wheel drive vehicle.

What's the elevation there?

About 8,600 feet.


Temperatures in early June last year ranged from highs of 58 – 71 degrees; lows of 37-45 degrees.  So – come prepared with t-shirts and sunscreen, as well as warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag for night time!  It’s always nice to bring a little EXTRA clothing to make sure you are warm and cozy at night!

Do I need any special skills / experience?

No!  This is a GREAT event if you are new to camping, or a seasoned outdoorswoman.  There will be Women’s Wilderness staff around for questions, facilities like running water and cabins if you want to use them, and it’s a “choose your own adventure” atmosphere.  The workshops are experiential so expect to have some good discussions and time to learn a variety of skills, and some groups may do some light hiking.  However, none of the groups will be hiking off of property or take more than 3 hours.  We do recommend that this is an event for people who are interested in learning, engaging with community, and being outdoors.

Is there cell phone reception there?

Cell service will be pretty spotty.  We encourage folks to take a cell phone break for this weekend!   That is part of the magic of getting outside for an extended period of time!  If there is a situation where you need to use your phone, Meadow Mountain Ranch is not far from the main highway and you could drive and find reception.

What about bathrooms and showers?

There is one flush toilet in the dining hall, and then outhouses and hand washing stations located around the site at each cluster of cabins.  There are no showers.

What's the meal situation?

We will be providing all meals.  Dinners on Friday and Saturday are catered by Kestrel the Kitchen Fairy.  Kestrel  has a LOT of experience cooking for big groups in retreat settings, and she is ALSO great at accommodating various dietary needs!  When you pay, we will send you registration paperwork that includes questions about any specific dietary restrictions.  We will have buffet-style breakfasts and lunches;

How many people will be there?

Between 90 and 130 women!  So – if you are an extrovert, there will be plenty of chances to make new friends and hang out in big groups.  AND, if you are an introvert and thrive on quiet time and small group interactions, you can get that, too.  The workshops will be in small groups and the property is BIG – lots of room to roam and find space to quietly connect to nature.

How do I sign up for specific workshops?

We will have participants sign up for workshops a few weeks prior to the event.  We will be in touch via email for this!

What's inside the cabin?

“Tabins” (tent + cabin) have wooden floors & roofs and ½ canvas sides with wooden bunk beds and small mattresses.. If you register to stay in a cabin, you will need to bring your own sleeping bag, and a sheet if you would like one to cover the mattress. You can learn more about the Tabins in this video HERE.

Can I camp with a friend / group of friends?

Yes, definitely!  We encourage participants to invite friends to sign up!  If you sign up for a tent, it’s up to you who you tent with.  If you sign up for a cabin, just write a note with registration and we will make sure you are in the same cabin!

Is anything NOT welcome at Summit Sisters?

This will be a drug and alcohol free event.  This is not a “party” as much as an opportunity to build community and for people to come together in an intentional way that is meant to be more satisfying, fun, and connective than our day to day interactions where we are often rushed, using cell phones, and otherwise distracted by day-to-day tasks!

Packing List

This list is our suggestions – please use your own experience to add other things you might want.  Contact us if you have any questions!  Our site host tells us it can be chilly at night in June and weather can fluctuate as we are right off of Longs Peak…so come ready for the mountains, sun or early summer snow.

  • Good sized tupperware for trail lunches (big enough you could pack a salad if you wanted to!), fork and spoon.
  • Warm hat
  • Sun hat / visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Headlamp / flashlight
  • Extra batteries / check that the batteries are fresh!
  • Chapstick
  • 1-2 t-shirts
  • Long sleeve synthetic / wool shirt
  • Long sleeve fleece / sweater layer
  • Warm jacket
  • Sports bras, underwear
  • Gloves if your hands tend to get cold / you like them
  • Long johns
  • Fleece pants if you get cold at night
  • Hiking pants
  • Shorts
  • Hiking socks (not cotton!)
  • Warm socks for night, wool (not cotton!)
  • Light hiking shoes
  • Possibly boots good for the mud – we will update folks about how wet or dry it is on site
  • Hand / foot warmers if you like them
  • Water bottles (2 quarts)
  • Small day pack / backpack to carry water bottles, snacks, journal
  • Journal
  • Pens / art supplies if you want them
  • Yoga mat if you want to take part in yoga classes; plus comfy yoga clothes
  • Camera
  • Binoculars (optional, for bird classes)
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag – WARM, a fall / spring / winter bag, not a light summer bag
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping mat if you are in a tent
  • A sheet if you are in a cabin, optional, to cover mattress
  • Tent if you are tent camping, ground cloth, stakes, etc
  • A big backpack or duffel bag to fit everything into – it’s a little walk from parking to cabins and tent areas (5-15 minutes).

Schedule coming soon…

Deep nature connection. Connection to your body. Inspiration and calling. Competence and outdoor skills