5th Annual Summit Sisters Retreat - Reimagined
August 20-22, 2021
Near Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Three days of phenomenal workshops, activities, good food, and deep connection with nature and community.


This smaller and more intimate retreat will focus on building essential outdoor skills that will serve you in planning your own personal wilderness trips—from hiking to car camping to backpacking. From our scenic basecamp near Red Feather Lakes, we will start the morning with yoga and mindfulness, then embark on hikes and wilderness skill lessons throughout the day. In the evenings, we’ll spend time in community, with space for both reflection and fun. The intention of this retreat is to help you form deep connections with nature, other women, and yourself. Through nature immersion, we will recalibrate and nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits in community. This is a tent camping only event; our new COVID-19 restrictions prevent us from booking cabins at this time.

Summit Sisters is an immersive weekend retreat for anyone 18+ to connect with others, with nature, and to reconnect with herself. We welcome anyone who identifies as a woman (including cisgender and transgender) or non-binary individual who is comfortable in female-identified spaces. Your space awaits you. It’s time to claim it.


Due to the developments regarding COVID-19 and the Delta Variant we have shifted this event to be a weekend of basecamping (tent-camping only). We recognize and take seriously the risk of running such an event and will take all necessary precautions when it comes to food and beverage, activities, logistics, and lodging to ensure everyone’s health and safety.



A woman’s potential is limitless. All she needs is the space.

Three days of phenomenal workshops, activities, good food, and deep connection with nature and community. At Women’s Wilderness, our mission is to transform the lives of girls and women through outdoor experiences. 

Summit Sisters is an immersive weekend retreat for anyone who identifies as a woman 18+ to connect with others, with nature, and to reconnect with herself. Your space awaits you. It’s time to claim it.



Time outside with intentional activities and practices to tap into your connection to the earth in powerful ways.


Yoga and somatic practices, hiking, trail running, slack-lining, and dancing to align your mind, body and soul.


Find fresh perspectives for professional and personal endeavors.


Cook with wild foods, pack a backpack like a pro, learn to navigate or tie knots.and other experiential workshops.



REI has generously provided us with scholarships for individuals who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, immigrant, and/or living with a disability to attend Summit Sisters. While this scholarship will cover the majority of the registration fee, we do ask that recipients pay an amount that feels appropriate and represent their commitment to the scholarship and attending the retreat.

APPLY HERE. DEADLINE: August 4, 2021

You will be able but not required to share additional personal information although we may ask follow up questions to ensure that we can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for you. 

Women’s Wilderness staff will review applications and let participants know by August 6. 

If you have any questions, need support with your application, or would like more information, please reach out to us at registration@womenswilderness.org.


We will send directions closer to the event. Here is a Google Maps link. You can get there with a two-wheel drive vehicle. 

About 8,000 feet.

Colorado is known for warm days and cool nights, especially at elevation! Since you’ll be doing a variety of activities, come prepared with lots of options.  T-shirts and sunscreen, as well as warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag for night time!  It’s always nice to bring a little EXTRA clothing to make sure you are warm and cozy at night!

No!  This is a GREAT event if you are new to camping, OR a seasoned outdoorswoman. There will be Women’s Wilderness staff around for questions, facilities like running water and cabins if you want to use them, and it’s a “choose your own adventure” atmosphere.  The workshops are experiential so expect to have some good discussions, time to learn a variety of skills, and a variety of somatic activities to participate in. We do recommend that this is an event for people who are interested in learning, engaging with community, and being outdoors.

Women’s Wilderness takes the safety of our participants, staff, and community very seriously.  Read through our Covid-19 Policies and Procedures Handbook here.

Cell service will be pretty spotty. We encourage folks to take a cell phone break for this weekend!  That is part of the magic of getting outside for an extended period of time! If there is a situation where you need to use your phone, Meadow Mountain Ranch is not far from the main highway and you could drive and find reception. There is also a landline phone available for emergency (or more urgent) phone calls.

We do not require or organize sign ups for the specific workshops. The weekend is yours to make it what YOU need it to be in each moment, and therefore to choose how to participate as the weekend evolves. The only exception is a few workshops that will have a limit on the number of people who can attend because supplies are required that we acquire in advance. More on this to come at the event.

Yes, definitely!  We encourage participants to invite friends to sign up!  If you choose to camp, it’s up to you who you tent with and that you bring all the gear you will need to make camping happen and comfortable for you.

This will be a recreational drug and alcohol free event. This is not a “party” as much as an opportunity to build community and for people to come together in an intentional way that is meant to be more satisfying, fun, and connective than our day to day interactions where we are often rushed, using cell phones, and otherwise distracted by day-to-day tasks!

Yes. Our programming is open to anyone who identifies as woman, female, femme. This includes cisgender, transgender, and non-cisgender women. We also welcome any gender-non-conforming and non-binary individuals who are comfortable and want to participate in female spaces. 

If there is anything pertaining to your gender or gender performance that you would like us to know, please contact us at registration@womenswilderness.org.

This list is our suggestions – please use your own experience to add other things you might want.  Contact us if you have any questions! It can be very chilly at night in June and weather can fluctuate as we are right off of Longs Peak…so come ready for the mountains, sun, rain or maybe even early summer snow.

  • Good sized tupperware for trail lunches (big enough you could pack a salad if you wanted to!), fork and spoon.
  • Insulated mug for coffee or tea
  • Warm hat
  • Sun hat / visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Headlamp / flashlight
  • Extra batteries / check that the batteries are fresh!
  • Toiletries in a bag you can leave in the lodge
  • Towel if you may want to shower
  • Chapstick
  • 1-2 t-shirts
  • Long sleeve synthetic / wool shirt
  • Long sleeve fleece / sweater layer
  • Warm jacket
  • Rain coat (and pants if you prefer them)
  • Sports bras, underwear
  • Gloves if your hands tend to get cold / you like them
  • Long johns
  • Fleece pants if you get cold at night
  • Hiking pants
  • Shorts
  • Hiking socks (not cotton!)
  • Warm socks for night, wool (not cotton!)
  • Light hiking shoes
  • Possibly boots good for the mud – we will update folks about how wet or dry it is on site
  • Hand / foot warmers if you like them
  • Water bottles (2 quarts)
  • Small day pack / backpack to carry water bottles, snacks, extra layers, etc.
  • Journal
  • Pens / art supplies if you want them
  • Yoga mat if you want to take part in yoga classes; plus comfy yoga clothes
  • Camera
  • Binoculars (optional, for bird classes)
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag – WARM, a fall / spring / winter bag, not a light summer bag
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping mat if you are in a tent
  • A sheet if you are in a cabin, optional, to cover mattress
  • Tent if you are tent camping, ground cloth, stakes, etc
  • A big backpack or duffel bag to fit everything into – it’s a little walk from parking to cabins and tent areas (5-15 minutes).

Email info@womenswildernses.org or text or call 303-938-9191 M-F 8-5pm MST.