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We share the gifts of the wilderness with people of all colors, backgrounds, sizes, gender identities, and experience levels.  Our specialty is helping girls and women become their strongest, best selves, while providing solid instruction in wilderness travel and outdoor skills.

Introducing: Outdoor G.I.R.L.S. (Girl Immigrant and Refugee Leadership Series) campaign!
Learn more and consider supporting the program so we can launch in 2020!

Girl Immigrant and Refugee Leadership Series

Did You Know? Women’s Wilderness is a registered 501c3 organization and that your donations are tax deductible?

Are You a Colorado Resident? Women’s Wilderness is a qualified child care facility for the State of Colorado, which means that your donation of $250 or greater, up to $200,000, to a qualifies for a 50% childcare contribution credit on your taxes. That means that HALF of your donation will come back to you! You can find more details toward the bottom of the Give Back page.


Girls' Summer Programs

Girls’ Summer Programs

Girls Lead for Life

Girls Lead for Life


Women’s Programs


LGBTQ2+ Nature Programs

Custom Courses

Custom Courses

All our programs share these important elements:

  • Our instructors are skilled outdoor educators AND role models for our participants
  • We emphasize technical outdoor skills and time in the wilderness as a route towards greater self-confidence, self-efficacy, and empowerment
  • All courses occur in an atmosphere that cultivates respect, inclusivity, and collaboration


Women’s Wilderness is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization.  We are incredibly proud that in the history of our organization, we have never turned a girl away for financial reasons. Our Girls’ Wilderness Program is the heart of Women’s Wilderness’s mission, providing one- to ten-day adventures for girls in a supportive ‘girl-positive’ environment.