Decades of leading trips has taught us that being outdoors, in safe and intentionally-designed environments, has a transformative impact on people. For each one of us, the impact is unique. However, we have identified trends over time related to the types of change we often see in Women's Wilderness program participants.

We measure our impact based on changes in an individual's behavior, attitude, condition, knowledge and status. Sometimes, our goal is to support technical skill development (like through our women’s climbing courses). In other programs, such as our girls’ after school and summer programs, we look for positive changes in our four focus areas: mental health, physical health, leadership development and environmental stewardship. For more information about our impact measurement, contact our Impact Manager, Bekah.



Participants build confidence and communication skills that enable them to fully step into their power. We support our participants in envisioning a better world and becoming the change they wish to see.

of participants felt more confident and capable of accomplishing difficult things.

Mental Health

Participants develop a deep sense of belonging and explore individual growth in areas such as resiliency, emotional regulation, and cultural competence.

of participants felt better able to understand their needs and work towards getting their needs met.

Physical Health

Participants develop new technical outdoor skills, have joyful embodied experiences and develop an appreciation for one’s body and the power it holds.

of participants felt stronger and proud of their physical abilities.


Participants develop a connection to the land that cultivates a lasting environmental ethic

of participants believe it is important to care for the planet.



people served directly


of participants identified as girls, women, or LGBTQ+


of participants identified as people of color


received financial aid (and are living under Federal Poverty Guideline)