Every girl deserves a chance to reach her full potential. Girls need opportunities to develop the skills and confidence they need in order to positively impact their own lives and those of others'.

At Women's Wilderness, we celebrate the unique strengths and learning styles of girls and women, and are dedicated to building strong girls and women with the skills to make our world a better place.

Strong Girls. Strong Women. Better World.

Produced by Siren Vid; view on Vimeo.

The Girls' Wilderness Adventures use the challenge of wilderness experience to help girls discover the power of their own voices and build the personal and interpersonal skills to successfully navigate the challenges of their lives. Girls learn to take risks, to trust, and to be trustworthy.

Our Women's Program features a variety of courses meant to offer challenge at a comfortable, incremental trajectory; courses build by progression. Ladies can learn new skills in a comfortable environment amongst capable female instructors and alongside the company of other great women.