Wish List

As a nonprofit organization we focus our financial efforts on providing scholarships for girls who otherwise could not afford our courses. We're frugal about office expenses, which means that donated items are crucial in helping us run a solid, sustainable organization.

All donations are tax-deductible and are welcomed with open arms, appreciative hearts and huge grins. 

Did you get some cool new gear as a present and are trying to figure what to do with your old stuff? If you're looking for a new home for your old (but still functional) camera, dish washer or other items, we'd gladly give it a new home! Below are a few items in particular that are on our wish list!

Current needs include:
Field EquipmentRain Pants
Fleece pants (especially larger sizes)
Breathable rain jackets
Winter gloves and mittens (all sizes)
Winter hats (all sizes)
Medium and large size coolers
Trekking poles &/or old downhill ski poles
Hiking Boots (all sizes)
2-3 Person Tents

Office EquipmentSmall digital camera/GoPro
Recycled Paper for our printer/old envelopes
Energy Star Refrigerator

Outside the Box!Gift certificates to grocery stores
Help us spread the word and donate towards our eNewsletter: Cliffnotes!
Stamps for mailings