A New Kind of New Year’s Eve

By Meigan Canfield

New Year’s Eve is always such a riot.   Every year it’s the exact same process: I find a cute dress, think about how cute I’m going to look in it, and daydream about how awesome the night is going to be.  Then, when it is finally New Year’s Eve, I’ve spent the three hours before midnight sporadically changing plans and trying to keep up with the constantly moving group.  Then it’s over; I feel sloppy and have entirely forgotten about how cute my dress is.  

This is not to say that I have never had a fun or memorable night, but this year my New Year’s routine felt worn out.  It was a memory that I had re-lived one too many times.  This year was ripe for a new plan, one with nature, and friendship, and ease.

New Year’s Eve was a bluebird sunny day, and eight of us grabbed our skis and skinned six miles up Guanella Pass (Colorado) to a cute little cabin called the Tundra Hut.



There were no plans, no stress, and certainly no rush.  There were just chirping birds, Hot Toddy’s, and a slow ticking clock to midnight for us to enjoy every passing second through food, laughter, and a warm, crackling fire.  



New Years Day was not uneventful, either (as it might usually be through the predictable, drag of a hang over)– it was spent hiking through the beautiful Georgetown mountains and practicing spread eagles off of ski jumps.  It was an unforgettable new experience and without a doubt an experience that I will yearn for through the upcoming New Years Eve’s.


Meigan is a photographer based in Breckenridge, CO who focuses on family portraits and sustainable, environmentally friendly Colorado weddings.  Find her on Facebook at “Meigan Canfield Photography” or on instagram @meiganphoto.