Summit Sisters 2017

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Tara L. Skubella

Exploring Our Primal Feminine & Primitive Fire

Tara Skubella Primitive Feminine

Tara has 18 years’ experience working with youth and families and 16 years’ experience working in the outdoor field through teaching, guiding and survival.  Some people know Tara from the 2015 season of Naked & Afraid as the girl with all the bug bites. Tara uses her passion for the wilderness, along with spiritual practices, to help people find intimacy in nature as a building block to connect with the earth, themselves and others.


Exploring Our Primal Feminine
Let’s experience our wild primal power in sacred space as we use nature’s four elements to explore our divine feminine and masculine energies.  Leave this workshop feeling empowered, connected to mother earth, tapped into your primal instincts and a little more balanced.  This workshop is perfect for sisters who are desiring to be more vulnerable and willing to play and move.

Primitive Fire
Learn the science, history and importance of fire as we explore three methods of primitive fire making (flint/steel, bow drill and t-strap).  The emphasis of the session will focus on bow drill fire method and it’s components and techniques in fire starting.  Tara will relate fire to Chakra energy, what fire teaches us and why it’s so important to incorporate nature’s element of fire into our lives during times of transition.

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