Workshops & Events

This is a hands-on, FUN workshop to learn what improv is and how you can use it to boost your confidence. If you’re a creative person, then Improv is the holy grail to put those creative juices in. OR if you’re not a creative person, Improv is a blender where you can put your awkward ideas into to make the juice. No matter what happens, you get great practice for thinking on your feet and some good laughs along the way. We will be playing improv games and getting silly, so make sure to bring your goofy mask and open your mind to the possibilities!

Let’s experience our wild primal power in sacred space as we weave nature’s four elements into exploring our divine feminine and masculine energies.  Leave this workshop feeling empowered, connected to mother earth, tapped into your primal instincts and a little more balanced.  This workshop is perfect for people desiring to be more vulnerable and willing to play and move

Too often we hear about the outdoors from a white/cis/hetero/wealthy/male/ablebodied/nuerotypical lens wether its in magazines or stores or trails or sustainabilty. Join me as I discuss how I reclaimed my narrative of the outdoors from what it meant to be outside to how I currently navigate outdoor recreational activities being my authentic self. Participants will learn the what, so what and now what of challenging dominant narratives of what the outdoors should look and feel like. The time is now to expand the narrative of how to engage in the outdoors from your own authentic lens and to challenge organizations to view the outdoors in a more inclusive and intersectional way.

I would like to utilize this opportunity to discuss how pursuing adventure and time in nature is especially cathartic and empowering for mothers. During my time, I will address the stigmas and barriers that often hinder mamas from prioritizing their own wellness and provide practical tips that encourage women to develop routines around self-care.

Join Carrie of Heartwood Visuals to spend time exploring deeper connections to each other and nature through the magical power of drawing (okay not quite “magical”…but definitely powerful!). In this workshop we will practice basic visual note-taking skills and will build on these skills to dabble in place-based nature sketching and begin exploring visual storytelling techniques. No drawing experience is necessary, but please bring a notebook or sketchbook and a few of your favorite drawing tools.

This workshop provides women an opportunity to dive into activities surrounding how we can find liberation through play and curiosity. Utilizing nature, play, and mindfulness, participants are free to engage with the side of themselves that go against what is “normal” through artistic expression. Mindfulness techniques, nature connection, and laughter will be a part of this community gathering.

We will look at morphology of different wild and non wild animals and talk about what we can learn about these beings through their footprints on the land and then we will wander and see what we find.

We will talk about how different animals move their bodies and then play with moving our own.

In this workshop, we will reclaim our body respect by exploring and voicing the body messages we have heard over the years. We will unpack and leave behind the messages that no longer serve us, and begin to cultivate authentic and sustainable relationships with food and body. Whether it’s your first time exploring your relationship with your body or you’re continuing the work, all are welcome.

In this workshop, we will get hands on in the kitchen to heal our relationships with food. Putting aside the moral language of “good vs bad foods”, calorie counting, and fear around food, this hands-on workshop will help you to reframe the way you think about food, nourishing yourself and practice nutrition as a form of self-care.

Use the inspiration of nature to inspire your writing! With guided prompts, applied writing, and group shares, we’ll explore creative opportunities present in the outdoors. Regardless of your desired writing goals, engage your sense of play in this fun workshop to help not only revive your writing but to expand your awareness of the natural spaces around you – and within you too!

Let’s go over some basic trail running tips to help get you going on your nature-based running journey. Learn about layering, hydration, shoes, and training to build your mileage base, as well as your sense of fun on the trails. A short gear talk and warmup will be followed by a short run of roughly three miles. No runner will be left behind! 

This will be a play and art based experiential workshop that will incorporate laughs, science, art and play to increase help us find our most efficient stress relief and brain boosting activities.

In this workshop we will be spending 30 minutes discussing the basics of gravel biking, what you need to pack when you go out on a ride, safety and survival best practices, etc… and then we will be heading out onto gravel roads! We will do a 20-30 mile gravel ride, leaving from Summit Sister camp. The ride will have varying paces and will be no drop (which means we will have several places to reconvene as a group, no one will be left behind!)

We will explore what it means to re-wild our connection to nature. We will learn many easy re-wilding activities that can be done when you return home, and we will experience a few re-wilding activities together during the workshop.

Intuitive Lunar Flow combines Conscious Breathing, Yoga, Shamanic Movement, Qi Gong, Toning, Reiki, Quantum Spirituality, and Free Form dance to help you feel your guidance from the inside out.  We are in times of great change and need to remember the wisdom encoded in our DNA.  AngeLuna works with indigenous wisdom to remind everyone we are all stewards of the Earth and working with Gaia to remember natural rhythms and harmony of life.  As we combine these modalities, together we help each other remember we are the ones our ancestors prayed for.  We are the illuminated Rainbow Warriors who came to share the truth in our heart. 

Accompanied by a guided meditation, we will use large outdoor paint brushes to find the fullest expression of ourselves in the moment. During our time together we’ll experience how structure & discipline in our mindfulness practice cultivate a space for our creativity. No prior painting experience necessary but plan on getting dirty using Xlarge brushes, canvas and acrylic paint.

Everyone can participate in this joyful, devotional practice to open the heart and soothe the soul.    Please join us for an acoustic, inclusive, and highly accessible practice of singing and chanting!  All are welcome, no experience is needed.

What message does your heart long to share?  Through guided meditation, journaling, and singing practice, we will explore our own inner voices and bring them into the light.  Feel free to bring a journal and writing tool, paper and pen will be provided as needed. 

Take some time for yourself to reconnect with nature and recharge yourself in the outdoors through hiking the beautiful trails around the Summit Sisters site adjacent to Roosevelt National Forest. Our lives are busier than ever and we forget to give ourselves the opportunity to calm the stress that we may not even realize is there. These hikes will give us a moment to take time to set intentions for our days, and connect in a way that only nature can provide.

Do you LOVE love, and does love make you CRAZY?  Join couple’s therapist Emily Isaacs to learn about the principles behind “earned secure attachment,” an approach to forging stronger, more satisfying relationships.  You don’t need to be partnered to join this workshop – we’ll be doing fun experientials, talking, and learning together skills that will be helpful for people of various relationship situations.

Join Emily and all the other living beings out on the land to engage and practice in deep listening and personal self-created ceremony.  Humans are built for ritual and ceremony – we thrive in relationship and with story and meaning.  Ceremony and ritual are in our blood as ways we cultivate meaning and relationship in and with life.  Emily will share practices and ways of being with nature that will unlock your own innate wisdom for this work!

Integrating information about neuroscience, play and mindfulness to come together to make a whole person and science backed approach to making the most effective strides from our places of resilience in times of struggle or uncertainty.