Trailblazers is a POC affinity space within Women’s Wilderness. Women’s Wilderness recognizes the importance and need for safe and self-directed space for marginalized people. The goal of Trailblazers is to build community and connection while also building knowledge and comfort for POC folks who want to spend time in the outdoors. A core tenet of Trailblazers (and any of our other affinity groups) is to center the experiences of our constituents and directly address the barriers that prevent us from feeling welcome and comfortable in the outdoors. Related programs will have “Trailblazers” in the title.

No experience is required for any of our sessions. This will be a space where all questions and inquiries are welcome without judgment. Our events will also be a space to share experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly – in the outdoors. Many POC folks experience racism in the outdoors, in outdoor stores, and from individuals we encounter in these spaces. Through sharing our stories, we see that we are not alone, that we have each other for support as we explore the outdoors, and that our experiences aren’t isolated instances but rather a pattern of oppression and not a personal shortcoming or insufficiency. The outdoors is for everyone, but it will not be accessible for everyone until we dismantle the systems of oppression that still plague the industry.


Childcare: During our Trailblazers events, we will provide on-site childcare and activities for all ages. While you join our programs, there will be an ally or affinity provider from our Women’s Wilderness team.