Wildlife Tracking, Sunday March 26th **NEW date**


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Sunday March 26th, 10 am – 4 pm ***NOTE NEW DATE – changed from March 19th***

Have you noticed imprints on the ground while hiking and wondered who made them? Perhaps you’ve wondered how to tell the difference between the tracks of coyote, fox, and domestic dog—a useful skill indeed here in Boulder! If you are interested in exploring the fundamentals of wildlife tracking in a relaxed setting that is a safe space for people of any gender, join us for this workshop.

Animal tracks and sign are a sort of language, telling stories of both the mundane and the unusual aspects of the lives of wild animals. Learning to decipher what is ‘written’ on the earth is a way of listening to the land, whether utilized as a form of ecological monitoring and citizen science, a contemplative or spiritual practice, or both.

During this workshop, we will spend time getting the basics of clear print identification and the distinguishing features of major biological families. This will naturally lead us to touch on animal behavior and movement. We will wander some local riparian areas, see a rich area of tracks and try to discern what they are together. Hopefully we’ll have time to plaster-cast some tracks, too. Some tracks/sign we may find: raccoon, bobcat, red fox, cliff swallows, mink, turtle, mule deer and more! We will be exploring one or two locations, TBD.  Come see how some of our wild neighbors are in the Front Range!

This workshop is open to people of all gender identities.

Read more about our tracking instructors:  Pınar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd and So Sinopoulos-Lloyd

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