The Craft of Fire Making




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Campers, hikers, outdoor folk, back country skiers! Anyone with an interest in mastering the art of fire! Come dive into the world of fire! How different woods burn and why; understanding the fire triangle, different ways to ignite tinder; what natural and man-made tinder is available; the many uses of fire; the stages of fire craft; different fire lays for various purposes; principles of friction fire and so much more.

Come with any fire starters and questions you may have and dressed to MAKE FIRE!

Our instructor Jessie Krebs has been a United States Air Force survival instructor, has taught all kinds of people outdoors for 25 years, and starred in National Geographic’s “Mygrations” as part of a human “herd” traveling across the Serengeti, as well as in “Kicking and Screaming, AND most recently on the Science Channel’s “Hacking the Wild.” She will get you DIALED on your survival skills!

Location: Boulder, CO.  Details of where to meet and what to bring will be shared via email prior to the class.

2019 Dates: November 3

Time: TBD

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