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The Call of the Wild Series

This series is designed to awaken in us our indigenous way of knowing. It is time to remember our true relationship with Mother Earth. When we source from Earth Wisdom, our lives fill with greater ease and joy, and the life we truly want to create emerges.
Ecopsychology 1:   The Four Directions

April 8th, 1-4 pm, Boulder, CO

It is not only our body that depends on Earth for its life.  Our psyche and Spirit also evolved along with Earth’s Rhythms. If we lived on Mars our consciousness would reflect that planet. But we are of this earth and the Four Directions teachings offer us an earth-based psychology. Historically they are pan-cultural sometimes known as the Four Shields, the Four Persona, the Four Winds etc, and they are part of the circle teachings of the Plains Indians.  They use the basic elements of every day life to  help us live a passionate and harmonious life : earth, air, wind, fire; the patterns of the rising and setting sun, the turning of the seasons. As we tie our life to these natural forces we gain fresh perspective and insight into our world. Ultimately we will find a true connection to something much greater than ourselves.

This workshop will be held outdoors, weather permitting.

$40 per participant

Part 2 : The Four Elements
April 30th, 1-4 pm, Boulder, CO

As we remember the Ways of the Earth, we find the Elements are the Basic Building Blocks. All indigenous humans have had a way of engaging these basic elements, and so there are multiple maps of engagement. They are all true.

The Dagara people of Burkino Faso in West Africa understand there to be Five Elements.

Fire and Water, Nature and Mineral.

The interactions between them create Earth in their center.

‘When Fire met Water, a whole world was created.’

They are Beings with which we can have relationships. Each element carries important gifts and those gifts can be invoked by us to help us along our path.

Come explore the essence of Fire, Water, Nature, and Mineral and the medicine they carry. We humans are designed to learn through Play. Come engage in this Sacred Play, and be surprised

$40 per participant

Suza Bedient

Suza Bedient is a wilderness guide mentoring in Full Presence. Her work is to bring people Fully, Vibrantly Alive, by reconnecting them to their deepest identity, the landscapes of the earth that know them.

She is a senior NOLS faculty with over 300 weeks in wild places around the world.  She has spent much of her adult life living overseas, embracing mountains, rivers, and oceans.  Looking for deeper access to the wisdom of the earth, she has become a mesa-carrier of the Andean tradition and continues her study of their Ancient Wisdom with the shamans of Peru.

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