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The Call of the Earth

“The Call of the Earth” is a series of short workshops presented by Rabia Roberts, international activist and women’s advocate.  Women’s Wilderness’s own Executive Director, Emily Isaacs, will be co-instructing these courses.

Ecopsychology 1:   The Four Directions

April 8th, 1-4 pm, Boulder, CO

It is not only our body that depends on Earth for its life.  Our psyche and Spirit also evolved along with Earth’s Rhythms. If we lived on Mars our consciousness would reflect that planet. But we are of this earth and the Four Directions teachings offer us an earth-based psychology. Historically they are pan-cultural sometimes known as the Four Shields, the Four Persona, the Four Winds etc, and they are part of the circle teachings of the Plains Indians.  They use the basic elements of every day life to  help us live a passionate and harmonious life : earth, air, wind, fire; the patterns of the rising and setting sun, the turning of the seasons. As we tie our life to these natural forces we gain fresh perspective and insight into our world. Ultimately we will find a true connection to something much greater than ourselves.

This workshop will be held outdoors, weather permitting.

$40 per participant


Ecopsychology  2:   Discovering Your Way Forward

April 30th, 1-4 pm, Boulder, CO

Your work is done for the day. You are drying your last tea cup. Ready for sleep, but something still pulls at your soul. Change!

So many questions.  You feel the call but want to ignore it. There is a human tendency at every important but difficult crossroad to pretend it is not really here.  This is why indigenous peoples made use of nature-based, ceremonial Rites of Passage. We use these teachings to help make life’s changes into a meaningful and sacred transit.  In this workshop, you will learn about the three stages of every Vision Quest and your place in that mythic journey. Participants are invited on a mini solo on the land as a way to explore current life journeys and challenges.

$40 per participant


Rabia_1Elizabeth Rabia Roberts Ed.D.

Rabia is an environmental educator and women’s advocate. She has worked for peace and social justice in more than a dozen countries including Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Brazil and Burma .She is the co-founder of Naropa University’s M.A. in Environmental Leadership, the Boulder Institute for Nature and the Human Spirit and SEM, a college for tribal leaders and grass roots activists based in Bangkok.  She does trainings and has led wilderness quests in the U.S. and Europe for the past 25 years. She directs Waking Up Together, an international project on the role of women in global transformation and has just started a new school for women, entitled HerStory.

She received her doctorate in experiential education from Harvard University and her MA in Liberation Theology. She is co-editor of the best-selling anthologies, Earth Prayers and Prayers for a Thousand Years.

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