Survival Basics: Skills for Remote or Wilderness-based Emergencies


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This workshop will be an overview of how to prepare for being in a post-event survival situation in a backcountry location with little resources but with the possibility of rescue. Therefore, we will focus on what is necessary in the first few days of a ‘survival situation.’ It is impossible to achieve an in-depth study of every emergency survival skill in a single workshop, however, a big part of survival is mindset, awareness, and meta-cognition, so an overview of what steps are necessary in a chaotic and potentially life-threatening situation can make all of the difference when that time comes. The topics we will cover will include survival and disaster psychology, fire lighting and fire structures, shelter, water purification, medical considerations related to exposure, and how to increase your chances of rescue. This workshop will be a mix of lectures/demonstrations and hands-on practices. This workshop isn’t exclusively focused on ancient technology because it is focused on utilization of whatever resources are available. Survival is all about believing that you can survive and being able to see multiple options and paths less traveled. As queer folks, we already engage in these ways of thinking on mythic and emotional levels in order to survive and grow because we must be able to see beyond options for living and being presented to us by dominant culture. Join us for a day learning these empowering and life-saving skills that are ever more relevant in the apocalyptic worlds in which we all wander.

Ability awareness: During this class, we will not be moving around too much and will be practicing skills within a small area. We will not be engaging in strenuous activity. However, we may be engaging our fine motor skills for some skills such as knots. On a physical or technical level this class is easy to moderate, on a mental and emotional level this class is difficult because of the amount of topics and information covered. We will have an hour long break for lunch so our brains can rest!

This workshop is intended as a safe container for LGBTQ2IA folks of any gender to engage in the culture and practice of wilderness-self reliance and earth-based living skills.

Date: Saturday, April 6th, 2019
Time: 10am-5pm
Location: TBA (Boulder area)
Instructors: So and Pinar Sinopoulos-Lloyd
Registration Fee: $10