Meet your Meat: The Art of Death for Sustenance




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Join Queer Wilderness Project and guest instructor Tzuria Malpica as we learn death-craft and consciously take a living being from this world and transform them into meat. Walk with us through this threshold as we explore the sacredness of death and what it means to harvest your own meat. This workshop will be an opportunity for folks to gain hands on experience with the entire process. Using the ancient principles of Kosher killing, the slaughter will be performed by Tzuria on either a goat or a sheep. Please know that we will be creating a ceremonial space for the animal and for all of the participants and it is our hope that everyone will gain a deeper connection to themselves, the hoofed being, and to nourishment through this experience. We believe in empowering our community and giving all people skills to walk outside the normative culture and find their own pathway. If this is a skill you wish to develop, please join us for this special event. Participants will take home a package of meat at the end of the workshop and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult: All activities in this workshop are invitations—participating in various components of the workshop are optional though witnessing is encouraged. Witnessing death can be emotionally intense and activate the nervous system in various ways for varying lengths of time, from hours to days. Workshop activities will involve fine motor skills, working with knives, and lifting heavy things. We recommend wearing waterproof boots or shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

This workshop is intended as a safe container for LGBTQ2IA folks of any gender to engage in the culture and practice of wilderness-self reliance and earth-based living skills.

Date: Wednesday, March 27th, 2019
Time: 10am-6pm
Location: East Boulder (TBA)
Registration fee: Sliding scale $30 / $50 / $70
Instructors: Tzuria Malpica (lead), Pinar & So Sinopoulos-Lloyd (Support)

Guest Instructor Bio: Tzuria Malpica (she/hers)
For the past several years, Tzuria has been developing a deep relationship with goats and sheep and the process of ethical and conscious death. In 2017 she had the privileged to work closely with a small herd of dairy goats as well a herd of goats and sheep being raised for meat. Through a series of powerful experiences, she learned a great deal and committed to consciously participate in the process of death and Kosher slaughter became a primary focus of study. As a Jewish woman it is not traditional to be the hand of death. It is her belief that this traditionally male dominant practice should be accessible to anyone who feels drawn to it and from this place of disrupting the norm, she wishes to empower people of all walks of life. She believes that every being has a right to be part of the life cycle of their food and that by participating in conscious death we each have a chance to grow closer to ourselves and the source of life.

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