Gym-to-Crag Climbing


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Product Description

This is a really, really cool course.

It’s hard to find climbing mentors who you trust, who have the knowledge and skills, and who are GREAT teachers…and have the time to really walk you through hands-on practice.  Enter Women’s Wilderness.

This course will have an especially low student-to-instructor ratio so you will have experienced instructors right there with you, ready to answer all your questions and coach you through step-by-step practice of technical rock skills.

We will focus on:

  • Cleaning sport climbing anchors safely
  • Building sport anchors
  • Lead theory for sport climbing – using quick draws, clipping correctly, climbing efficiently
  • How to assess bolts for safety
  • Mock sport leading (where you are on top-rope while also practicing leading a sport route)
  • Any other questions about climbing outdoors!
This is a great class for anyone interested in learning about following or leading sport routes.  You’ll leave the day feeling empowered to use your new skills, and able to assess your climbing partners for safety!

Saturday October 7th

9 am – 4 pm