Core Survival Basics




It’s wonderful being outdoors until it isn’t, as anyone who’s spent much time in the wilderness knows. So how do I take care of myself and loved ones if the situation goes from lovely outing to dangerous life threatening struggle? Come find out. We’ll cover what your priorities are, how to prepare, and learn some basic skills that have meant the difference between life and death for many.

Our instructor Jessie Krebs has been a United States Air Force survival instructor, has taught all kinds of people outdoors for 25 years, and starred in National Geographic’s “Mygrations” as part of a human “herd” traveling across the Serengeti, as well as in “Kicking and Screaming, AND most recently on the Science Channel’s “Hacking the Wild.”

Location: Boulder, Colorado | Details of where to meet and what to bring will be shared via email prior to the class.
Date: July 28 or September 1, 2018
Time: 9am-4pm

Please note that registration for this course ends at 5pm on Thursday, July 26.

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