Girl’s Program Overview

Our Girl’s Program is designed specifically to help girls ages 8-18 build courage, confidence, and leadership skills that will propel them to reach their highest potential.

All of our programs adhere to our belief that self-esteem develops when these 4 elements are present:

  • Sense of Security: Physical and emotional safety are of the utmost importance on our courses.  Our instructors are highly trained professional outdoor educators who create a safe and supportive atmosphere for our participants.
  • Connection and Community: Our instructors facilitate groups where girls build positive, supportive relationships with each other, themselves, and their leaders.
  • Opportunities: Our courses give girls the opportunity to take on authentic challenges with appropriate support.  Learning to read a map, climb a rock, or cross a stream are all real challenges that leave girls with a lasting sense of empowerment and capability.
  • Fun: Challenge is balanced with play – girls stay engaged with the learning process.

Ultimately, we are helping girls discover:

  • A Sense of Purpose: We help girls identify areas of passion and ways they are special and what they would like to contribute to the world.  We help girls set goals and find motivation.
  • Sense of Self:  We give girls supportive opportunities to explore, “Who am I?” “What makes me unique?”