KellyKKelly Kessen, LAc, Wild Connections Backpacking Instructor

Kelly grew up in the Midwest, with her feet in the dirt and her head in the clouds. While perched somewhere in her grandmother’s apple tree, she would speculate about the nature of things, like “How did that fuzzy little caterpillar become that magnificent monarch butterfly?!” This connection to the natural world deepened as she went on to explore the wilderness and realized that “Going to the mountains is going home” (John Muir). She went on to guide trips for Therapeutic Wilderness Programs for several years which led her to study 5-Element Acupuncture, a form of medicine based on natural law. On her path as a healer, her incredible teachers have helped shaped the vision for her work in the world and have encouraged her to connect to her life’s purpose. Kelly is looking forward to allowing the power of nature to inform the Wild Connection experience, including deep connection with nature and each other as we come to integrate what it means to transform like a butterfly.