A Great Night with Vela Adventures: Women in Adventure

By Becca Droz, Outreach Coordinator

What is it like to cover 100 miles in an ultra-marathon? What is it like to be struck by lightning and walk away? What is it like to be in a world championship boxing ring, facing an opponent in their home country?

We learned the answers to these questions and more through the engaging questions asked by Kelly Kocher, co-founder and president of Vela Adventures, to our Women in Adventure presenters.

Though all representing specialized and unique fields of interest, Gina Lucrezi, an ultra runner and outdoor enthusiast; Carrie Barry, a former olympic boxer and entrepreneur as the co-founder of the Corner Boxing Club; and Emily Isaacs, Executive Director of The Women’s Wilderness Institute, a rock climber, experienced outdoor guide and private therapist, all had a common thread tying their stories and experiences together:

Training our mind is what results in achieving our goals, fostering healthy relationships and ultimately surviving life threatening situations.

Commitment to hard work, and remembering that when things are hard, they will get better, keeps Gina going on the trails when she is racing for over 24 hours. Dialing buyantibioticshere.com personal techniques and strengths and coming from a positive place rather than an angry place brings Carrie success in the ring and as a boxing coach and trainer. Spending extensive time in the wilderness, honing wilderness medicine skills and technical climbing skills, reading weather patterns and assessing risk prepared Emily for the unpredictable flash lightning strike that shredded her pants, shot off her shoe and covered 8% of her body in severe burns. Despite the shock and severity of the situation, her mind kicked into gear and she was able to do a physical self-assessment and rappel to the ground safely and efficiently in order to minimize further risks to herself, her co-instructors and her students.

Women in Adventure Night

Thank you to Vela Adventures and all of these women for your stories, insight and for doing the powerful, empowering work that you do! All of the proceeds from last night are going towards the scholarship program for the Girls’ Adventure Summer Programs at the Women’s Wilderness Institute. For more information on the courses, events and philosophies of Women’s Wilderness, go to: www.womenswilderness.org and go explore!