Colorado Gives Day 2016 is December 6th!

Today, it is more important than ever to show girls and women that they can be powerful.

This is especially true for young girls growing up in low-income households, who come from minority backgrounds, and/or who experience discrimination in school for being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

These girls need women role models to look up to, and they need to be given the opportunity to challenge stereotypes and to challenge themselves.

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What is Colorado Gives Day 2016?

Colorado Gives Day 2016 is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving.

The Community First Foundation and FirstBank are partnering to help amplify every donation that you make through ColoradoGives.org before the end of the day on December 6th, 2016. Each organization contributed $500,000 to create a $1 Million Incentive Fund that increases the value of every donation proportionally.

Why support Women’s Wilderness?

Women’s Wilderness opens up opportunities for girls and women to learn and grow through wilderness adventures in Colorado’s beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Women's Rock Camp 027The wilderness has long been seen in our culture as a “masculine” place where women and members of the LGBTQ+ community are marginalized and unwelcome. We provide a positive, supportive community where these groups can experience wild places, while learning the skills to be strong, independent leaders.

The wilderness belongs to all of us and we all deserve opportunities to learn from it.

Only $5? Really?

Sometimes, it’s hard to connect small, charitable donations to real change. And I get it: you feel like if you can only give $5, it’s not really enough to help. But for a small, locally run organization, that couldn’t be more wrong.

A big part of your donation is not just monetary support. It’s sending a message that you support our cause, and on Colorado Gives Day, that can matter A LOT!

We’d love to accept a larger donation, if you’re feeling extra-generous. Can you spare $10, $20, more? Anything helps!

How do I donate?

  1. Go to ColoradoGives.org click on “DONATE” at the top of the page, then search for Women’s Wilderness (or any of your other favorite Colorado charities).
  2. Enter your tax-deductible donation through their secure website any time before midnight on 12/06/16.
  3. On December 6th, your donation will be deducted along with thousands of others, and we will receive not only direct donations, but also a portion of the incentive fund, based on how much money we raise.

Womens Wilderness

This year, Women’s Wilderness is aiming to raise $10,000 toward need-based scholarships for girls to attend courses where they will learn leadership skills in challenging wilderness environments with other girls.

Your small donation not only helps us inch toward that larger goal, but it also shows us that our community supports this amazing cause.

We would love to see donations come in from 1,500 individual donors this year, so please help us however you can!

I can’t afford to give, are there other ways to help?

Of course!

We always have volunteer opportunities where you’ll meet our phenomenal crew of talented, powerful ladies. Fill out our volunteer application and email it to emily@womenswilderness.org.

You’re also invited to join us for the Rally at the Capitol on November 29th, 2016.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Non-profit photography

Thank you so much for supporting this amazing cause. We believe in it with all our hearts!

To learn more about the programs that we offer, check out the newest Girl’s Courses, Women’s Courses and our expanded Nature Awareness Courses, which are open to people of all gender identities.