4 Reasons to Support Women’s Wilderness on Colorado Gives Day

Colorado Gives Day 2016 is just around the corner, and this year, Women’s Wilderness is aiming to raise $10,000 to support our programs. There are a lot of amazing organizations out there that deserve support in these chaotic times, so I just want to take a moment to explain why I choose to donate my time to Women’s Wilderness, and why this organization deserves your support.  

So, here are 4 reasons why I support this awesome organization (and why you should, too):

1. WW has never turned away a participant based on financial need. NEVER!

Since the organization was founded in 1998, they have given out over $300,000 in scholarships.

When you take girls out of situations where they are judged based on their socio-economic status, you allow them learn about their true character. When girls return from their courses, they are better able to handle tough situations because they have learned to be strong on their own.

2. Girls need more strong female role models.

The WW staff is made up of amazing women who not only teach highly technical skills for rock climbing and backcountry skiing, but who are also interesting, funny, articulate people. These are EXACTLY the people who should be teaching girls how to be leaders in their own worlds.

I’ve never come across another organization with such heart that also has the guts to teach girls to climb outside. That’s amazing in itself, but the fact that all of the staff are women makes it so much better. When girls learn about the outdoors from men, they see themselves as the students. When girls learn about the outdoors from women, they see themselves as the teachers.  

3. WW holds courses for people of ALL gender identities and all sexual orientations.

The outdoor industry is still largely unwelcoming to the LGBTQIA* community, and especially to people with non-binary (a)gender identities. These courses, taught by staff who are themselves members of the this community, are another part of what makes this organization so unique. 

Women’s Wilderness is on a mission to create a community of strong, independent willful humans who find joy, power, love, and of course, adventure, in the natural world. We work tirelessly to make the wilderness a space for everyone, and to empower every member of this community to become a leader in their daily life.

4. You can DOUBLE your donation!

That’s right you can double your money for an amazing cause! Here’s how it works:

Women’s Wilderness is a qualified child care facility for the State of Colorado. So, if you donate $250 OR GREATER to our programs on Colorado Gives Day (or any time!), you qualify for a 50% Childcare Contribution CREDIT on your taxes!

This literally means that you get HALF of your donation back with taxes. And you don’t even have to itemize!

So, I CHALLENGE you to give at the $250 level or greater. Think you can take on that challenge? More information about the Childcare Contribution Credit is available here, and you can find all of the details about how to donate any amount to Women’s Wilderness by visiting our Colorado Gives Day page.