Financial Aid & Enrollment

Core to our mission is making the wilderness accessible to people of all colors, backgrounds, sizes, gender identities, and experience levels.

  • History: We have given over $400,000 in financial aid since 1998 and never turned someone away because they could not pay.
  • Eligibility: Partial or full aid available for ALL Girls’ courses. Eligibility is flexible for families from all income levels.
  • Payment: Available by credit card, check or dropping off cash. Course payment plans are also available.
  • COVID-19: We have established a special fund for Children of Essential Workers and Unemployed Families

Application in English

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Women’s Wilderness is proud to be a service provider for PLAYPass! The PLAYPass program awards eligible youth with non-cash “vouchers” that can be applied toward any Women’s Wilderness course. PLAYPass users are also eligible to have any remaining course fees not covered by PLAYPasscovered by Women’s Wilderness Financial Aid. To apply for a PLAYPass click here.

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