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 Women’s Adult Gymnastics Class at CATS!


When: Friday, February 26th; 7:30-9pm

Where: Colorado Athletic Training School (CATS)

Cost: TBD

There is only space for 11 participants! Secure your position! RSVP Here



Join us for a phenomenal night of storytelling through film – a showcase of short films all directed by female directors.  Our jouney begins in Iran with women lifeguards on a segregated beach, travels to South Africa and India to tell the story of the local children, then to South Korea and female free-divers, and and ends back at home with our own everyday heroines and heros of the 2013 Boulder floods.


Tickets:   Tickets limited  – Register HERE.

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 Let’s Go Bouldering… OUTSIDE!

When: Saturday, March 5th; 10:30am-2:30pm

Where: Flagstaff Mountain (subject to change)

There is only space for 9 participants! For more information and to secure your position!



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Summit Sisters, June 3rd-5th


Save the Date: Gear and Cheer, August 11th