Emily Isaacs, MA, M.Ed, Executive Director

Emily is a teacher, outdoorswoman, therapist, and community leader who loves to mentor women and girls who are learning to find their strength in the outdoors. Emily grew up in San Francisco, where she attended an all-girls school for 9 years. She believes this set the stage for her passion for all-girls and all-women community experiences. Rock climbing has been a key part of Emily’s growth in the outdoors, as it has been a life practice that offers deep friendships, the chance to work with fear, the opportunity to make real-life judgement calls about safety and risk, and a place to develop trust in self and others. She knows from personal experience that these skills and experiences can facilitate profound positive change in women’s lives. Emily has been teaching climbing and outdoor skills in a professional setting for nine years, including at Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School. She has been with Women’s Wilderness since 2013.

Emily is absolutely thrilled to be at the helm of Women’s Wilderness, and is dedicated to building an inclusive, warm, welcoming community where women and girls connect with themselves, each other, and the great outdoors.

“Women’s Wilderness has offered me so many incredible opportunities to lead – anything from setting up rock climbs for a girls course to training new staff to now, serving as the Executive Director. A fundamental part of my job is make sure every choice I make leads to greater opportunities for each person who touches the organization. Through their involvement with Women’s Wilderness, every instructor, volunteer, and participant will have opportunity: to try new things, to find their voice, to be more and bigger than they dreamed….and all with love and support of our community. This is the dream of Women’s Wilderness.”

Emily has a MA in Education from UC Santa Cruz and a MA in Counseling Psychology from Naropa University.