Every one of us has experienced hardship this year. Racial injustice. The pandemic. The recession. Having to fight for everything we care about every day.

Going outside has been a survival strategy for us. Our emotional refuge. A spiritual ground. A safe place to breathe.

Yet, there is injustice in even that simple pleasure. Race, gender, socioeconomics all strongly influence who has the opportunity to walk on a trail, take a bike ride or float down a river.

Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) shoulder the greatest weight of this moment. Black Americans are dying at a rate of 2.5 that of White Americans, are more likely to be on the front lines and more likely to be rendered unemployed by the recession. At the same time, BIPOC folks are underrepresented and culturally excluded from outdoor recreation.

Women’s Wilderness is devoting our end-of-year fundraising campaign to raise money to provide free outdoor experiences for BIPOC community members. It’s imperative that we actively grow and strengthen our programs and take better care of our BIPOC constituents. We want to make good on our commitment to providing women of color with safe space to learn and develop outdoor skills, but also, crucially, a time to connect, transform, and heal with each other in nature.

We’re calling this effort “All Out.” We invite you to be part of what we believe is an essential and overdue investment in women* of color in the outdoor space.

This has been a year of reckoning. For our country, for our communities, for ourselves. We’re proud to be a pioneer of gender justice in the outdoor education industry, and we will continue to forge pathways for more girls, women, trans, and non-binary people to have meaningful experiences with each other in the outdoors.

Donate Here or head to our Colorado Gives Page to make your gift.

We will

  • Continue Trailblazers, our BIPOC affinity group, programming
  • Increase and improve BIPOC programming
  • Keep programs at low or no cost for BIPOC participants
  • Work to ensure that all of our programming is designed to welcome and support our BIPOC participants  
  • Provide childcare options for participants when needed
  • Center women of color in the design, instruction, and evaluation of the programs
  • Examine our organization and programs and disrupt any patterns of White Supremacy and patriarchy to ensure that our spaces are more liberated and inviting for all
  • Give more women of color positions of power across the organization, including staff, field instructors, and Board of Directors
  • Implement a professional development path for BIPOC who want to gain more skills and experience in the outdoor industry
  • Deepen relationships with partner organizations who can hold us accountable to our BIPOC constituents

To do this we need resources. This work is underfunded and so needed. There are fewer opportunities to fund this programming through grants, making it difficult for us to financially support it on our own. This is where you come in. By investing and supporting BIPOC and the programs led by and for them, you provide opportunities for personal transformation in nature, and join in the work of combating the systemic racism that plagues the industry.

What can your donation do?

  • $10,000 enables us to bring 10 BIPOC girls on a transformative week-long backpacking trip
  • $5,000 provides full scholarships for 4 BIPOC individuals to attend an overnight program
  • $2,500 funds a summer internship and leadership-building position for a BIPOC individual
  • $1,000 provides a full scholarship for one BIPOC girl to attend Adventure Camp
  • $500 gives a  BIPOC individual a weekend trip into Indian Peaks Wilderness
  • $100 provides a set of hiking boots for a first-time participant
  • $50 Cover on-site childcare for a parent during her day-long course
  • $25 Provides COVID-safe transportation to/from a course for a BIPOC participant

*those who identify as woman, female, femme, including cisgender and transgender women, and non-binary people who are comfortable in female spaces.