Scholarship Fund for Children of Essential Workers and Unemployed Families

As the COVID-19 pandemic endures, we at Women’s Wilderness have continued to ask: what can we do within our industry and areas of expertise to help support our community — especially those who have been disproportionately impacted — through this crisis? 

Essential workers are risking their own health to ensure that others stay safe and cared for. They play a vital role in our community and we’d like to give back to them and their families. We also want to respond to the widespread unemployment that has arisen due to the pandemic. Many families are experiencing financial insecurity and instability and we want to support them as well. 

Our goal is to reduce the financial barriers for girls and LGBTQ+ youth related to an essential worker or someone who has experienced COVID-related unemployment. In addition to the universal experiences of social isolation and ambient trauma that many are feeling, these children carry the additional worry that their parent will get sick or that their family will fall on hard times. We are committed to providing a way for them to get outside, connect with other girls and LGBTQ+ youth, process their experiences, and have fun in a safe environment without having to worry about cost. 

We invite and encourage our community to come together and contribute funds that will go directly to the scholarships for family members of essential workers and those experiencing unemployment due to COVID-19 so that they may participate in our programs free of charge. 

Our goal is to provide 25 scholarships during this first round of fundraising.

  • $1,000 provides 1 full scholarship for Adventure Camp – an 8-day long backpacking course
  • $750 provides 1 full scholarship for a week-long Rock Climbing Camp
  • $500 provides 1 full scholarship for Girls Lead for Life climbing and leadership program
  • $200 provides 1 full scholarship for a day-long Family Canoe experience
  • $100 provides a contribution towards a scholarship for any of the above courses

OR via check by mail to: Women’s Wilderness, 1206 Euclid Ave, Boulder, CO 80302


*In our application process, we will use the State of Colorado definitions for essential workers, including those working in health care, grocery, transportation, manufacturing, essential retail, etc. Any funds donated and not used will be added to our general scholarship fund for families living under 150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Women’s Wilderness is a registered 501c3 organization and that your donations are tax deductible!

Are You a Colorado Resident?
Women’s Wilderness is a qualified child care facility for the State of Colorado, which means that your donation of $250 or greater, up to $200,000, to a qualifies for a 50% childcare contribution credit on your taxes. That means that HALF of your donation will come back to you! You can find more details toward the bottom of the Give Back page.