Give Back

At Women’s Wilderness, we believe that all girls, regardless of ability to pay, should have access to life-changing wilderness experiences.  We have been doing this work for 22 years as we begin our 2020 season!

Between 2018-2019, over 60% of girls received need-based financial aid to girls so they could participate in our programs.

This year alone, we have awarded roughly $40,000 in support to families that live at under 150% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.


Introducing: Outdoor G.I.R.L.S. (Girl Immigrant and Refugee Leadership Series) campaign!

Girl Immigrant and Refugee Leadership Series

We have never turned a girl away for financial reasons.

Your gift supports transformational programming.

  • $25 donation provides meals for 2 days for a girl
  • $50 helps us buy a camp stove
  • $100 sponsors a parent and daughter so they can attend a canoe course
  • $250 buys a tent
  • $500 allows us to buy three new climbing ropes
  • $1000 sponsors a middle school girl for a full-ride scholarship for 6-day Adventure Camp
  • $2000 sponsors a high school girl for a full-ride scholarship on a 2020, 12-day Leadership Course
  • $5000 covers our van rental…for the entire summer season


Women’s Wilderness is a qualified child care facility for the State of Colorado, which means that your donation of $250 or greater, up to $200,000, to a qualified program qualifies for a 50% childcare contribution credit on your taxes.

This information should not be construed as tax advice, and as always, you should consult your tax advisors for the most accurate information.

  • Your donation still qualifies as a charitable deduction on your Federal income tax
  • Donation must be made as a single gift, paid in full via check, cash, credit card, direct bill or electronic funds transfer
  • You can take advantage of the tax credits regardless of whether you itemize or not
  • Both individuals and corporate donors can benefit from this tax credit program
  • In-Kind donations are not eligible for this credit

The table below illustrates how a large part of your donation comes back to you in various tax credits and deductions.