Girl’s Program Overview

Our Girl’s Program is designed specifically to help girls ages 8-18 build courage, confidence, and leadership skills that will propel them to reach their highest potential.

All of our programs adhere to our belief that self-esteem develops when these 4 elements are present:

  • Sense of Security: Physical and emotional safety are of the utmost importance on our courses.  Our instructors are highly trained professional outdoor educators who create a safe and supportive atmosphere for our participants.
  • Connection and Community: Our instructors facilitate groups where girls build positive, supportive relationships with each other, themselves, and their leaders.
  • Opportunities: Our courses give girls the opportunity to take on authentic challenges with appropriate support.  Learning to read a map, climb a rock, or cross a stream are all real challenges that leave girls with a lasting sense of empowerment and capability.
  • Fun: Challenge is balanced with play – girls stay engaged with the learning process.

Ultimately, we are helping girls discover:

  • A Sense of Purpose: We help girls identify areas of passion and ways they are special and what they would like to contribute to the world.  We help girls set goals and find motivation.
  • Sense of Self:  We give girls supportive opportunities to explore, “Who am I?” “What makes me unique?”

Women’s Program Overview

On all of our courses, you can expect to gain new skills while receiving support and encouragement from a dynamic group of women. We’ll provide the tools, and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to identify, express, and achieve your personal goals within an inspiring and comfortable learning environment.
You’ll find adventure and be actively involved in the many decisions an expedition entails. You’ll find a supportive environment where you can learn a new skill among capable female instructors and alongside the company of other great ladies.

On our Women’s Courses, women celebrate how they learn, laugh, and feel powerful in new, often unexpected, ways. We invite you to join us on a path fueled by inspiration and open to wherever you wish to take yourself.



Vision Quest Canoe Retreat
$1,350.00 $1,095.00
Summit Sisters
$450.00 $350.00