Girls HIking

Don’t you just take girls hiking? The deeper work that goes on with our girl’s program curriculum

By Emily Isaacs, Executive Director, Women’s Wilderness “Don’t you just take girls hiking?” That’s one of the biggest misconceptions of Women’s Wilderness, and I cringe when I hear it.  First, because that statement seems to presume that “just hiking” with a group of all women and girls is not, fundamentally, a powerful experience.  Secondly, because […]

Tricks of the Backpacking Trade with Deuter USA’s Becky Marcelliano

This Memorial Day Weekend, Women’s Wilderness Outreach Director, Kelly McClelland caught up with Becky Marcelliano, Marketing Manager for Deuter USA. In her interview, Becky shares her thoughts on the growing presence of women in the outdoor industry and divulges some trade secrets on how to have the best backpacking trip ever. Read on! WW: What inspires you […]

Growing Girls: The Four Stages of Development

The Growing of Girls

By Suza Bedient, Program Director of Women’s Wilderness  Human beings are designed to grow and learn from the moment of our arrival onto this earth to the day of our departure from it. One of the most amazing features of our brain is its neuroplasticity: its capacity to change throughout life and re-organize its very structure. […]

Why Wilderness?

Why Wilderness?

By Kris Norbraten-Duvernay, Women’s Wilderness Climbing Instructor I grew up in the 80’s. Going outside was not only encouraged but demanded. I swung upside-down in the front yard oak tree; burned twigs in terra cotta pots behind the garage; concocted cologne from mint leaves and hose water; rode my bike smack into a redbud tree; […]

The “Self” in Selfless and Selfish

By Catarina Massa, Women’s Wilderness Instructor I am a selfless selfish human being. I know it sounds impossible, but people can be selfless and selfish at the same time. I have learned the hard way that being either too selfless or too selfish is damaging to myself and the people around me. My journey to discovering […]

A Great Night with Vela Adventures: Women in Adventure

By Becca Droz, Outreach Coordinator What is it like to cover 100 miles in an ultra-marathon? What is it like to be struck by lightning and walk away? What is it like to be in a world championship boxing ring, facing an opponent in their home country? We learned the answers to these questions and […]

Run Long, Run Free

This is the first in a series of blog posts that feature women’s and girls’ voices talking about real-life experiences developing courage, confidence, and leadership while adventuring outside. Run Long, Run Free By Cat Massa, Women’s Wilderness Staff   I was never much of an athlete growing up. Actually, I spent most of my time […]