Learning to Trust My Feet

By Kriste Peoples Trust your feet, they said. Nope, I thought. Not on that tiny lip of rock that looked like the only surface within a mile of my next good foothold. How in the world was I supposed to balance my weight there? Just. No. ‘Trust your feet.’ It was one of those new-agey […]

Time to connect in the wilderness

The Power of Community and Connection

By Stephanie Zoccatelli In this day and age we are more “connected” than ever. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, you name it. Our phones seem to constantly be in our hands. We virtually interact with people at all times of the day. Over time, however, this over-connection leads to disconnect. There’s a big difference between calling someone and hearing […]

Programs for Girls Taught by Women

Getting Girls Outside [to find their strength] via Gear and Cheer

There are so many events, functions, fundraisers, and always ways to spend your money. What if you knew that ALL the proceeds from an event would go toward getting girls outside, helping them find their voice, their strength and trust within themselves? That’s why we offer the wild, challenging, and loving support of our programs […]

Saving the Pygmy Nuthatch

By Kristi Dranginis of Bird Mentor (and who will be teaching at Summit Sisters!) Just last week I happened to notice a solitary Pygmy Nuthatch at my bird feeder. Okay, a Pygmy Nuthatch at my feeder in and of itself is not unusual, but the fact that it was alone is what stood out as […]

How Women’s Wilderness Changed My Life

By Hannah Dykes Photos by Henna Taylor Those who know me know I am a homebody. I rarely slept over at other girls’ houses growing up, I never went to summer camp, and I’d always rather stay home and curl up on the couch on Friday night. So two years ago, when I got it […]

International Women's Day 2017 brave girls

Happy International Women’s Day 2017!

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, we’d like to share a few of the ways that Women’s Wilderness helps young girls find their strength, confidence, and bravery. Here to help us is guest blogger, Emily Eley.   A Brave Place for Brave Girls   Women’s Wilderness’s mission is to strengthen the courage, confidence, and leadership qualities of […]

Mental Strategies For Rock Climbing

By Alexis Rose, Guest Blogger   Rock climbing will challenge you mentally and physically, and give you an adrenaline rush to remember. Whether you’re facing a wall that’s twenty feet high or two hundred, you know there’s going to be something fun, yet challenging about the route. But that can be daunting. After all, you’re only 5 […]

Outdoor Activities to Sooth Your Soul

Outdoor Activities to Soothe Your Soul

By Ally Mann There is something so serene and beautiful about spending time outside. Whether you are going on a long wilderness retreat or just out for a quick walk, spending time outside can be an awesome way to relax and get away from a hectic day-to-day life. Here are a few outdoor activities and adventures that will help […]

For the Girl Who Can’t Sit Still

By Heather MacFarlane I’ve watched the full July moon traverse across the sky over the course of the night. Now, it’s early, early morning and the moon seeps into a deep fire-orange as it sinks below the horizon. I can see more stars now  and I pick out the big and little dippers, the only constellations I […]

The View from Mt. Bierstadt

10 + 1 Tips For Hiking Your First Fourteener

By Alexis Rose Visiting or living in Colorado presents many opportunities, one of which is hiking fourteeners. The famously tall and picturesque mountains are not only icons of Colorado, but fun challenges for hikers of any level. They’re rewarding too: after the hike up, you’ll get to drink up the gorgeous views visible only from the top. […]

When Grit Wins

By Jenna Blumenfeld Over the past year I’ve been on a mission to do things that are scary. Things that are teeth-rattlingly scary. Perhaps it was thanks to a wine-fueled evening with a friend, but somehow I came to understand that in order to grow I had to do scary stuff—activities that would spur my inner psyche into trepidation, […]

A New Kind of New Year’s Eve

By Meigan Canfield New Year’s Eve is always such a riot.   Every year it’s the exact same process: I find a cute dress, think about how cute I’m going to look in it, and daydream about how awesome the night is going to be.  Then, when it is finally New Year’s Eve, I’ve spent the […]

Shout It Out Loud

By Olivia Feeney, WWI Alumna Girls are so often expected to follow instead of lead, speak quietly instead of shout, and be docile instead of wild. My Women’s Wilderness Institute trip came at the perfect time to teach me how fun, and how essential it is to defy these standards. I was a freckly fourteen-year-old middle-schooler […]

What Goes Up Must Come Down

By AJ Earley My name is AJ Earley. I’m thirty years old, and I am still figuring myself out. It’s easier now than it used to be, but some of my best learning experiences have been my meditative hiking endeavors. When I was 21, following a long struggle with bulimia, heartbreak, and the death of […]