Stephanie Vidergar, Communications & Events Manager


Stephanie is a proud Colorado native fortunate to have grown up in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. She learned to ski at age four, camped as a young girl, and was rock climbing by high school. She has always been proud to consider herself an athlete and loves the competition of any sport. But, she also does not support having a super hardcore attitude toward any particular venture (i.e. having to be called a ‘badass’). The wilderness is more like a spiritual temple for Steph; it is where she find the time and space to nourish her being and contemplate life.

Hiking is Steph’s go-to any time she can get away. She goes snowshoeing when she needs some quiet. Backpacking is the venture she uses to prove she’s still got it! Climbing is the sport she loves when she wants a confidence boost. Road biking and SUP are her latest mid-life-crisis-like pursuits where she is working to build skills and endurance.

Stephanie’s adventures often revolve around (and truly her favorite way to get out), is through travel. She plans for travels to entail a lot of outdoor adventures or the outdoor adventures she pursues are sure to have her traveling far and wide.

She is most proud to be an *adventure* mama, and setting an example for her two girls. She hopes by seeing her enthusiasm for getting outdoors and being active, that they grow into crazy adventure women who never have a second thought about where they can go or what they are capable of.

Stephanie’s background in communications includes her years as a young adult relishing in the work developing and managing tours and assisting with marketing in the active travel industry. After returning to her roots to raise a family in the mountains of Colorado, she setup a one-stop design house capable focusing on online and print media marketing. Her niche marketing efforts included campaigns for Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Moondance International Film Festival, Grand Lake Metropolitan Recreation District, and a variety of other small business clients.

Stephanie is super passionate about supporting girls and providing unique opportunities for them to help become their biggest best selves, and she enjoys being part of the team effort at Women’s Wilderness.