author_photo_canoeSo Sinopoulos-Lloyd, Instructor for Queer Nature

So’s most meaningful experiences have occurred in contexts where wilderness and the non-human world were a central part of human community. So is genderqueer and draws on the natural world for understandings of queer identity and personhood. They have long been fascinated by the relationship between spirituality and nature and strive to hold space for the practical and ecological intelligence of myth, symbol, and ritual in nature-based education, weaving together the empirical study of the natural world with contemplative and transpersonal realms of experience. So has done immersive studies in both wilderness survival and nature-based mentorship, and worked the land on many organic farms. So is a certified Wilderness First Responder and holds a Master of Arts in Religious Studies. Some of their deep commitments include writing, backpacking, climbing, poetry, shepherding, Greek language and culture, indigenous solidarity work, and human-animal relationships.