Madaleine Sorkin


Madaleine is a Rock Instructor for Women’s Wilderness.  She is obsessed with climbing high off the ground on vertical rock walls, in the company of friend and lots of airy exposure.  Featured in the book Women Who Dare, and described as “the real deal,”  Madaleine is an elite free climber of America’s biggest walls having freed multi-day routes up to 5.13+ on El Capitan in Yosemite and the 5.13 Hallucinogen Wall of the Black Canyon. She has made several first bold ascents of Grade IV climbs in remote areas and often in female teams, such as Kyrgyzstan (FFA La Fiamma 5.12c R, Russian Tower, Ak Su Valley) and the NW Territories of Canada (FFA of Women At Work section of Original Route, 5.12 R).

Looking back at any achievement, Madaleine notes how attainable a goal becomes once able to understand how to work with the doubts and other emotions that arise while staying committed to the climb.  At the heart of her climbing is need for as much time as possible outside and a passion for the partnerships, inspirations, struggle and humor that make the pursuit meaningful.