Jessie Krebs, Field Instructor

Jessie Krebs

Jessie spent three days on the north shore of Kauai making a raft out of driftwood and 160 feet of mule tape, and a paddle from a walking stick and two sides of a three-gallon bucket she found as beach trash. Then pushed off and paddled about five miles against the current and about 1/2 mile out from shore to stay out of the breakers. It was pretty stupid and epic. Landfall was the hardest part. She has hiked about 200 miles of the Serengeti with a small group of humans without weapons and minimal gear over the course of 35 days during her time on “Mygrations” by National Geographic. Jessie has kayaked in and kept a client alive in the North Sea when they got stranded on an island with two other folks. She has done a fair amount of hiking in the Dolomites in Northern Italy, including some hikes that taught her some hard (and almost deadly) lessons!

Other than all that, she is also a former USAF SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) Specialist, trained in teaching global survival skills to our US military members. She has a well-rounded repertoire of survival skills based in the five basic needs of a survivor (personal protection (clothing/equipment, shelter, fire), sustenance (water and food), travel techniques, health, and signaling). She is currently the head instructor for SERE Training School: www.SERETraining.US.