Gavi Weiner, Lead Rock Tech

Gavi Weiner

Gavi specializes in teaching women’s groups, advanced teenagers and people with disabilities. But she loves climbing with all types! Her steady and lighthearted approach to teaching is a great fit for people who value a supportive and safe space. Gavi never loses track of the fact that it’s supposed to be FUN. Gavi’s love for the outdoors began at age 7, when her Dad had to carry her pack up the big hills. Since then, she has rock climbed, backpacked, and frolicked in the peaks of Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba, Canada, Utah, California and Colorado. After a decade as a weekend warrior in the Sierras and Rockies, she began guiding in 2012. She loves helping others access the might of the outdoors and the thrill or climbing. Gavi is an American Mountain Guide Association Apprentice Rock Guide, and a certified Single Pitch Instructor. She’s also a Wilderness First Responder.