All our programs – the Girls’ Wilderness Adventure Program, the Women’s Program, the Nature Awareness Program (open to people of all gender identities) and Queer Nature share important elements in common:

  • Courses are taught by skilled outdoor instructors who also serve as role models that our participants can identify with directly.  For instance, all girls’ programs are taught by women who actively role model being a strong female leader.  Queer Nature is taught by instructors who identify as LGBTQ+.
  • Though courses vary in terms of focus on technical skills or personal growth, we emphasize technical outdoor skills and time in the wilderness as a route towards greater self-confidence, self-efficacy, and empowerment for our participants.
  • All courses occur in an atmosphere that cultivates respect, inclusivity, and collaboration.  We want our participants to leave course feeling that they have forged connections with new outdoor partners, and found a home in our organization.

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The Girls’ Wilderness Adventure Program offers courses for girls ages 8-18 to explore and grow their strength, courage, and leadership skills on day and overnight courses ranging from 1 to 10 days long.  Activities include rock climbing, camping, backpacking, canoeing, art projects, team-building and leadership initiatives, and more.  Our recipe of strong female instructors as role models, wild places away from phones, media, cliques, and school pressure, and girl-positive curriculum, helps girls discover their best selves and feel good about who they are.

About 50% of the girls attending the Girls’ Wilderness Adventure Program attend thanks to need-based financial aid.  In the history of the organization, we have given over $385,000 in financial aid awards, and have never turned away a girl for financial reasons.

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The Women’s Program is home to a range of courses, from technical to personal-growth oriented.  Rock climbing courses focus on skill development for the beginner to the advanced climber.  Canoeing courses offer opportunities to learn paddling skills as well as to relax and connect our local natural environment.  Our backpacking courses, “Wild Connections,” offer a place to learn backpacking skills and also develop nature-based practices for personal growth.  We have also offered explicitly therapeutic programming for women looking to be part of a therapy group that happens outdoors and draws directly upon the healing power of nature.

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Queer Nature is a safe and empowering space for the LGBTQ+ community to connect outdoors.  Programs focus on earth-based ancestral skills, survival skills, naturalist knowledge, and crafts.

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The Nature Awareness Program is a great way to connect to the earth in a hands-on way.  These courses cover skills ranging from wildlife tracking, pine-needle basket weaving, and ancestral fire making.  The Nature Awareness Program is open to people of all gender identities.

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