By Stephanie Zoccatelli

In this day and age we are more “connected” than ever. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, you name it. Our phones seem to constantly be in our hands. We virtually interact with people at all times of the day. Over time, however, this over-connection leads to disconnect. There’s a big difference between calling someone and hearing their voice and texting them. There’s an ocean between receiving a giant bear-hug and a “like” on our latest post.

How Do You Find Connection?

We tend to spend more and more time connecting online, while less and less time is spent connecting in person. Community, contact, kinship fall to the wayside.

Although having online acquaintences can lead to meeting people we normally wouldn’t, it also doesn’t provide all of the amazing physical and psychological changes that occur when we connect in person.

Buckets of research studies have shown how connecting with others can, not only improve our health- mental and physical- but also helps us rebuild ourselves.

This is what we do at Women’s Wilderness. We work hard to create a safe and empowering environment where you amazing women can dive into your relationship with yourself, others, and the wilderness.

Time restoring with other people

Why Do You Connect?

Really connecting with other like-minded individuals gives us a safe container to explore different parts of our story. Having a community in which we can show up as ourselves and adventure is priceless- for everything else there’s mastercard 😉 Who ever thought interconnectedness would be such an important idea to aspire to.

Picture this: you’re climbing outdoors for the first time. You’re excited and a bit nervous. All your gear is in place as you make your way up a wall. There comes a point where you need to make a hard move. You’re not sure you can. You tilt your head down and see a bunch of women who are there to support you, whether you go for the move or choose to go back down to the ground.

Group of like-minded women

That is a safe space. One where you’re empowered to choose what is best for you at any given moment in time. Want to attempt a hard pitch? You go girl! Want to redo a route you already did? Rock on sister. There is an unspoken interdependence that creates the spirit of our adventures.

I will leave you with Brene’ Brown’s amazing words, “Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”

We invite you to explore the kinship that is to be found through our transformational programs.

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