Women Veterans Retreats

“I learned how to laugh again, how to socialize, and how to let go. I’ve learned true friendship again and how to trust and accept support from those who care.” -Amanda, age 33, June Women Vets Retreat
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In 2011 and 2012, The Women's Wilderness Institute was honored, and excited, to be working with female veterans, and women spouses/domestic partners of veterans by offering wilderness-based retreats. We are proud to have offered these courses in a way that is aligned with our mission and that addresses the specific needs and issues of our women veterans and women spouses/domestic partners of veterans. 

These 6-day retreats offered US Military service women the opportunity to heal many of the wounds of war, learn life skills and coping strategies, and connect with other women with shared experiences. These retreats were funded by the Women Veterans Health Improvement Act of 2009, and were provided entirely free of charge to participants, including airfare.

The Women Veterans Retreats offered an intensive immersion experience of supportive and challenging activities, in a peaceful natural environment. The retreats allowed women to connect with other women veterans and learn tools for dealing with post traumatic stress and other issues that commonly affect women veterans. In addition to outdoor activities and a high and low ropes course, the retreats provided a format for sharing experiences, and education about stress, resilience, and life skills.

Currently, the program is on hold while we wait for government approval of continued funding. Though we do not have information on when funding will be available, we are hopeful that the retreats may become available again in 2014.

Here's what the veterans who attended the June 2011 retreat had to say:

"Attending this retreat made me realize that I am not alone with my PTSD.My anger does not control me, I can control it any way I feel fit to."

"You will see how the world still moves and life is worth healing thru.There are others out there just like you- you are not alone."

"I feel safer already, having you all beside me and behind me, as if the present were closer and the past farther away now."

"Thank you all for letting our hurt be heard and healing begin. I am so genuinely happy for the first time in a loooong time."

"I can't even begin to explain how much you all have helped me in my healing process. You have given me the strength, courage, and motivation and so much more to believe in myself and push through these hard times in my life."

The Women's Wilderness Institute, through our Veterans Retreats, is proud to offer our women veterans and women spouses/domestic partners of veterans opportunities to explore, discover and relax in the wild places that their service has helped to protect.

Questions? please call 303.938.9191 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!