Wendy Booker Moved Mountains on December 2nd!

If there was one spot in Denver where warmth could be felt one cold winter evening, it was certainly the Moving Mountains event at the Denver Newspaper Agency Building.

Hosted by The Women's Wilderness Institute, the annual fall fundraising event drew out 60 plus brave souls who challenged single digit temperatures on December 2nd to come hear Wendy Booker's remarkable story of overcoming life's obstacles, while also supporting a great organization.

After warming up with some good wine and hors d'oeuvres, the crowd was inspired and entertained with two of the most mesmerizing and successful women. Chris Watney, President of the Colorado Children's Campaign, greeted the audience with a personal story of how being active outdoors has played a significant role in her life, allowing her to gain perspective and confidence in what life has planned for herself. She emphasized that there are times when one could drive themselves mad with worrying and trying to control the outcomes. Chris, instead, finds her solstice being with herself and good company in nature, allowing the healthy resolution to be worked out while she is away, trusting that it will all work out as it should.

It was MS Survivor and Mountain Climber Wendy Booker that captivated the audience with her charisma and humor. Wendy led the crowd through an exciting, up close and very personal journey of how three "S's" have shaped her life to this very day. Her account of how each- self-discovery, serendipity and stubbornness- led her to "accidentally" become a well recognized and admired athlete resulted in non-stop laughter. In between the humor, Wendy shared the very real struggles, setbacks and darker sides of what illnesses, challenges and other "mountains" can present in our lives. As the record-setting mountain climber and marathoner spoke, one might find it difficult to believe that she has been battling the debilitating disease, Multiple Sclerosis, as many healthy individuals cannot claim victor to such feats in their lifetimes.

Wendy challenged each of the audience members to ask themselves what their inner mountain was, and then go out and challenge it. Find a way to overcome it, not viewing it as a dead end or finish line, but instead, as something to go over and around; a starting line.

As the evening came to a close, it was obvious that the message was loud and clear- and alive: Women supporting women is beautiful, strong, resilient, and enduring. It is an answer, a solution, an opportunity and will always be relevant. Success will always be the result of alignment of vision, energy and passion with other women, and together, this collaboration will never fail. These truths must be taught, shown, allowed to be explored, nurtured and supported throughout our lives, beginning as young girls. It is organizations like The Women's Wilderness Institute that provide the resources, knowledge and opportunities for women to experience lifelong success and happiness.

In the final minutes, a call to action was made. The audience was asked to take an active and personal role in helping provide women and girls with the opportunity to discover their inner power, beauty, talents, magic and voice. To help provide the experiences and resources to conquer their inner mountains when the day comes they are faced with life's challenges- and to do so with grace, intelligence, pride and a healthy perspective.

With the gracious commitment of the audience members that evening, The Women's Wilderness Institute was able to raise almost $6,000 dollars towards the development, activation and support of our Girls' Wilderness programming. And with our Donor Challenge Match in full swing, every dollar of that amount- and up to $15,000 until December 31st 2009- will be matched by the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

The call to action continues! Please help provide the opportunity for a girl or young woman to experience all that a beautiful, healthy life has to offer! Donate to the cause and every one of your dollars will be matched!!

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