The staff’s patience and concern for everyone’s needs and knowledge made the experience very empowering. It was great that they modeled all the skills they were teaching us, because it helped me remember that if they could do it, I could do it!
~ Sally, age 28

The Women’s Wilderness Institute StaffMeet the women who make it all happen at Women’s Wilderness Institute!

Office Staff
Field Staff

  • emilyzion.jpg
    Emily Isaacs, Executive Director
    Emily is a teacher, outdoorswoman, therapist, and community leader who loves to befriend women who are learning to find their strength in the outdoors.  Emily grew up in San Francisco, where she attended an all-girls school for 9 years.  She believes this set the stage for her passion for all-girls and all-women community experiences.  Rock climbing has been a key part of Emily's growth in the outdoors, as it has been a life practice that offers deep friendships, the chance to work with fear, the opportunity to make real-life judgement calls about safety and risk, and a place to develop trust in self and others.  She knows from personal experience that these skills and experiences can facilitate profound positive change in women's lives.  Emily has been teaching climbing and outdoor skills in a professional setting for nine years, including at Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School.  She has been with Women's Wilderness since 2013.

    Emily is absolutely thrilled to be at the helm of Women's Wilderness, and is dedicated to building an inclusive, warm, welcoming community where women and girls connect with themselves, each other, and the great outdoors.  

    "Women's Wilderness has offered me so many incredible opportunities to lead - anything from setting up rock climbs for a girls course to training new staff to now, serving as the Executive Director.  A fundamental part of my job is make sure every choice I make leads to greater opportunities for each person who touches the organization.  Through their involvement with Women's Wilderness, every instructor, volunteer, and participant will have opportunity: to try new things, to find their voice, to be more and bigger than they dreamed....and all with love and support of our community.  This is the dream of Women's Wilderness."

    Emily has a MA in Education from UC Santa Cruz and a MA in Counseling Psychology from Naropa University.
  • cat massa.jpg
    Catarina Massa, Director of Programs and Development
    Catarina has a BA in geography and women's studies from CU-Boulder.  She was born and raised in southwestern Connecticut, and her fondest memories from childhood were in the outdoors. She began participating in a backpacking program for girls called the Goddess Program when she was 11 years old. Inspired by the empowerment and strong women who surrounded her, she continued to participate in the Goddess Program every year until she was 18. Outside of Goddess, she loved to go camping and hiking with her fellow Girl Scouts, enjoying the company of more powerful women and girls. Catarina also loves to run and swim and has been working with children of all ages for five years teaching swim lessons. More recently, Catarina has fallen in love with marathon and ultra running and can't wait for the next race! Her favorite things are sunrise runs, adrenaline rushes, and spending time with her mom.

Field StaffTWWI field staff are seasoned, professional outdoor educators who are carefully selected for their exceptional outdoor skills, warmth and ability to help groups develop a fun, supportive atmosphere. Your course will be led by two women with a wide range of life experience and many years of leading wilderness courses and doing their own backcountry adventures.

Our staff are more than guides, they are educators, experts and all-around inspirational women. All Wilderness Field Staff are certified as Wilderness First Responders, an extensive training in backcountry medicine, and have previous experience guiding wilderness trips. Each woman on our staff has a genuine passion for teaching, love for bringing groups together authentically and special skill for bringing forth the best in everyone. 

Girls’ Wilderness Program staff members also bring specific experience working with teenagers and radiate an exceptional sense of playfulness, humor, and genuine way of relating with girls.

Read on and get to know just a few of the amazing women who lead our Women's and Girls' courses.

  • tara marcilla.jpg
    Tara Marcilla, Field Staff/Girls
    Tara started with Women's Wilderness as a participant in 1999 when she was 15 and came back for our Leadership course when she was 17. Growing up around Boulder, she continued working with Women's Wilderness as a volunteer, packing gear and food. She returned as an intern in 2011 and is now leading Girls' Wilderness trips. She currently lives up in Leadville where she just completed her associates in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership, as well as becoming a certified EMT-B. She is on the Lake County Search and Rescue team and has a strong role in her community. Tara's certifications include swift water rescue, Avalanche 1, EMT-B, and high angle rope rescue. Rafting is her true passion, and she just lived her childhood dream to row her own boat down the Grand Canyon. Tara has spent over 160 days on the water of the Colorado River and hopes to spend many more days exploring the canyons. In the summer you can find Tara up in Leadville climbing, kayaking, hiking, and swimming in mountain lakes with her amazing dog, Zhula! During the winter she snowboards, ice climbs, and enjoys evenings by the fire with Zhula and her kitties. Tara's love for the outdoors was inspired by what she learned at Women's Wilderness, and by her amazing instructors and she continues to share that passion with the girls.
  • sandy Chervenak.jpg
    Sandy Chervenak, Field Staff/Girls
    Sandy was so inspired by the 8-day TWWI course she took at the age of 18, that ever since then she has followed the path to becoming a TWWI field staff. After getting a B.A. in Environmental Studies, she went on to work in wilderness therapy in Utah and teach dance and outdoor education and in her hometown of Boulder. She has been to 20 countries where she backpacked diverse terrain, worked with diverse populations, learned Spanish, and gained valuable insight, which she now brings to her work with all age groups and backgrounds. She plays several musical instruments and is trained as a yoga teacher, both of which she loves to bring to her work in the outdoors.
  • morgan moore copy.jpg
    Morgan Moore, Field Staff/Girls
    Morgan Moore grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado in the town of Grand Junction. She currently resides in Summit County, Colorado using her B.S. in the field of environmental science by playing cowgirl in the summers, and posing as a ski bum in the winters. She has spent time leading groups of students and peers through various outdoor trips and activities working with the National Outdoor Leadership School, her college's outdoor program, Gore Range Outfitters, and several different ski areas in Colorado and California. She is presently working towards an anusara yoga teacher certification, toying with the idea of graduate school in the environmental education realm, and, with much enthusiasm and positive energy, is excited to begin her second season with TWWI!
  • megan mosher.jpg
    Meghan Mosher, Field Staff/Girls
    Over the past 10 years, Meghan has had the opportunity to work with youth in a variety of outdoor settings, through leading wilderness trips, teaching environmental education, directing a challenge course, and running an environmental stewardship program. Meghan has lead backpacking, canoeing and kayaking trips ranging from 5-45 days in length across the midwest, Wyoming, and Alaska and is excited to further explore the Rockies! Meghan grew up in Ontario, Canada and moved to Boulder two years ago where she is currently earning her Master's degree in Science Education at CU. When not exploring, Meghan enjoys playing hockey and board games, learning the mandolin, eating dessert, and sleeping in.
  • lela henderson.jpg
    Lela Henderson, Field Staff/Girls
    Lela has been working with children and youth of all ages for over 10 years in a wide variety of capacities, including leading programs in the wilderness both nationally and internationally. Lela loves to weave her passion for nature, expressive arts, community, and play into her work with young people. In addition to creating and facilitating programs for youth, Lela works as a professional artist and musician. Lela holds a B.A. in Expressive arts and Multi-Cultural Spirituality from Prescott College. Learn more about Lela at
  • Kris vertical - Headshot smaller.jpg
    Kris Abrams, Women's Field Staff
    Kris is a nature-based psychotherapist in private practice with Cedar Tree Healing Arts in Boulder, Colorado.  A Rhodes Scholar, she received a Master's in History from Oxford University, and a Master's in Mental Health Counseling with a focus on nature-based therapy and ecopsychology from Prescott College.  Kris loves hiking, backpacking, climbing, rafting, trailrunning, and supporting people to deepen their connection with nature, rediscover their authentic selves, and live lives of meaning, connection, and joy.  You can learn more about her background and approach at
  • julia forbes2.jpg
    Julia Forbes, Field Staff/Girls
    Julia has been leading wilderness trips for nine years, and is psyched to work with girls again with TWWI! She started out leading girls through the Canadian wilderness on long canoe expeditions. She is a NOLS Australia graduate and certified NOLS instructor. Her passion for the outdoors has taken her guiding around the world to such places as: the Grand Canyon, Malaysia, and China. She loves easing people out of their comfort zones and into hers. One of her favorite things about leading wilderness trips is facilitating the bonding and formation of a cohesive group. When not working for TWWI, you will find Julia rock climbing, backpacking, biking around Fort Collins, CO, where she lives, and making her own hot sauce.
  • heather irmiger.jpg
    Heather Irmiger, Field Staff/Women
    Heather Irmiger grew up riding mountain bikes with her family on incredible Colorado singletrack and has competed at the World Cup level since 2005, first as a member of the Subaru Trek Team. She is a diverse and talented athlete with results including multiple U.S. National Championships, a Single Speed World Championship, and has stood on podiums the world over. After years at the Elite XC level, Heather's 2013 schedule takes her back to the roots of the sport as a member of Trek Factory Racing's newly created Enduro race program. She'll get back to focusing on improving her own skills and speed - and can't wait to share this enthusiasm and knowledge with others.
    When not competing Heather has a passion for teaching and sharing her love for two wheels. She strives to witness that "ah-ha" moment in every rider and has years of coaching experience doing just that. Whether coaching juniors for seven seasons with Single Track Mountain Bike Adventures in Boulder, or guiding numerous women's and junior clinics Heather always looks forward to exposing people to the elements of mountain biking that have brought her so much.
  • gretchen leezer.JPG
    Gretchen Leezer, Field Staff/Girls
    Gretchen has been facilitating adventure and personal growth in an outdoor setting for nearly ten years. She has worked in a variety of outdoor, experiential education and wilderness therapy programs. Gretchen has a B.S. in Parks, Recreation and Tourism from the University of Missouri. She is currently completing her Masters at Naropa University in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a concentration in wilderness therapy. When she is not playing outdoors professionally she can be found hiking, biking, running, climbing, jumping on trampolines or playing with her two dogs, Louie Beans and Avi Noodles.
  • erica cohen.jpg
    Erica Cohen, Field Intern
    Erica is very excited to be interning with Women's Wilderness starting in 2013! She brings compassion, creativity and vibrance while focusing on issues involving self-esteem, body image, empowerment and confidence. Erica holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and loves working with women and girls. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors is apparent as she is often out trail running, hiking, or backpacking. Erica's compassionate, silly and care-free nature is an asset to any adventure she joins.
  • deb kulcsar.jpg
    Deb Kulcsar, MS Education, Field Staff/Girls
    Deb has worked in the education field for 35 years and her teaching experience spans kindergarten science through graduate level instruction and mentoring. She loves working with people and excels at youth and leadership development programming. Her passions include connecting youth with the natural world through wilderness experiences and developing environmental and experiential education programs for all ages. Deb began working as a field instructor with Women's Wilderness in 2012 and is excited to stay connected with an organization devoted to such important work in the world! Currently, Deb runs Experiential Learning Associates LLC. Spending time in the outdoors is always her number one priority whether it be hiking, snowshoeing, road-tripping, biking, boating or sitting.
  • deb_pic_2.jpg
    Deb Matlock, Field Staff Women
    Deb Matlock grew up in Colorado and spent her childhood hiking and camping in the Rockies. She is deeply committed to nurturing the connection between people and the earth and has spent fifteen years working as a professional environmental educator and naturalist. Her work includes teaching indoors and out, offering trainings and presentations, and designing and evaluating EE programs. Deb's research on the connection between spirituality and environmental education has been presented nationally and internationally and continues to be a strong focus for her.
    She is pursuing a PhD in Environmental Education at Antioch University and is currently on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education and for Boulder Rights of Nature. More about her can be found at
  • catherine coe.jpg
    Catherine Coe, Field Staff/Girls & Rock Tech
    2013 is Catherine Coe's first season as rock climbing specialist for Women's Wilderness and brings many years of experience practicing and teaching yoga. Her passions include rock climbing, yoga, photography, health sciences, traveling...and more. Catherine graduated from the University of Georgia, where she majored in Photojournalism & English and minored in French. The west was calling and over the last 10 years, Catherine has worked as a horse packing guide in the Tetons, a photography teacher in France, and a backpacking guide in Norway. Catherine is currently a NOLS rock climbing and backpacking instructor, a WEMT-B and MPIC, and is Avalanche Level 1 certified. When not guiding, Catherine does freelance creative media work in Jackson, Wyoming.
  • annie miller.jpg
    Annie Miller, Field Staff/Girls
    Annie came to Women's Wilderness in 2009 and is so excited to spend another season out in the field on our courses! She brings with her ten years of experience leading youth on backcountry wilderness adventures in and around Colorado and several years working with groups on various educational farming projects. She speaks fluent Spanish and most recently, has started leading international trips to Latin America. Annie is passionate about getting youth into the outdoors to connect with themselves and each other. Additionally, she teaches yoga and loves to incorporate it with students on outdoor courses.
  • Katie Asmus.jpg
    Katie Asmus, MA, LPC Field Staff Women
    Katie describes her life purpose as "bringing forth the innate wisdom within every-BODY," and "opening people's minds and hearts to greater possibilities." Katie incorporates present-moment awareness, creative arts, relationship to the natural world, and body-mind connection to support people in connecting to themselves, others, and life more deeply. Katie leads trips for The Women's Wilderness Institute and Outward Bound, is on the faculty at Naropa University and Prescott College, and has a private coaching and psychotherapy practice in Boulder, CO. More about Katie at
  • Vedauwoo10.jpg
    Jody Radtke, MA, LPC: Field Staff/Women
    A full-time outdoor professional since the late ‘80s, Jody brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and know-how to The Women's Wilderness. With more than 1,000 days in the field during her career as a field instructor, Jody is passionate about the wilderness, group dynamics, authentic expression and the many ways in which a wilderness experience can encourage positive growth within an individual, a community and our larger global society. After years of working with Outward Bound and holding positions of course director, associate program director and staffing manager, Jody served as the Institute's Program Director from 2005-2012. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Naropa University and also teaches in their wilderness therapy program. 
  • suza's photo.jpg
    Suza Bedient, Women's Field Staff
    Suza's roots tap deeply into wild places. Her skills in engaging earth energies began as a child exploring the Appalachian Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay. As an adult she broadened her explorations, including becoming a senior field instructor for the National Outdoor leadership Schools (NOLS) with over 300 weeks in wild places. She has spent much of her adult life living overseas, embracing mountains, rivers, and oceans.
    Suza majored in biology at the College of Wooster in Ohio then began her studies of the body-mind connection as a student, then as a teacher at the Port Townsend School of Massage in Washington. She became interested in human potential, listening deeply to the body's intelligence and its link to the soul's path. This inquiry spiraled her back to the power of landscapes and the callings of our wild selves. Looking for deeper access to the wisdom of the earth, she is honored to have worked with traditional shamans in Peru and Tuva. She is excited to join with wonderful team of wild women.Send Suza an email!
  • kelly brown.JPG
    Kelly Brown, Field Staff/Women
    Kelly has been working for TWWI since 2004 and instructing with NOLS since 2002. A Jill of all trades, and master of many, Kelly brings a joyful balance of instruction wizardry and personal passion to every course that she leads.
  • danika.JPG
    Danika Gilbert, MA Field Staff/Women
    Danika joined the Women's Wilderness staff in 2004 and specializes in rock and ice climbing, but leads trips in all areas. She is passionate about sharing her love of the outdoors with women, whatever the activity. Her personal climbing resume includes summits in Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, and the U.S., including first ascents in Rocky Mountain National Park and Wyoming's Snowy Range. Danika is a "science geek" with a Masters in Botany, specializing in alpine and desert plants, and did Ph.D studies in Biogeochemistry. She loves to travel, with climbing as an excuse to explore other mountains and mountain cultures. Danika lives in Ridgway, CO with her sweet dog Avellana who is a constant companion on runs, bike rides and ski adventures in the San Juan Mountains.

  • Cathy Greenwald, Field Staff/Women
    Cathy has been working for TWWI since 2006 as one of our lead fly-fishing instructors. A certified Orvis Guide, Cathy brings incredible passion, wisdom and experience to our fly-fishing courses.
  • zoe.jpg
    Zoe Katsulos, Field Staff/Girls and Women
    Zoe has been on staff with TWWI since 2006 and has been teaching outdoor skills for the past 12 years. A multi-talented staff working a variety TWWI courses, Zoe especially enjoys helping women discover their own world-view and the practical applications of climbing and other outdoor activities that stretch our abilities in our everyday lives. Outside of working for The Women's Wilderness, Zoe has been developing and promoting an original concept called "humanitourism," combining meaningful humanitarian work with active adventure travel, through her organization called inside/out. She also runs the Team In Training for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society as well as her own health & wellness business.
  • lindsay miller.JPG
    Lindsay Miller, Field Staff/Women and Girls
    A Boulder native, Lindsay graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Women and Gender Studies. Lindsay's passion for working with girls, combined with her love of the wilderness makes her a great fit for TWWI and she has led courses with Women's Wilderness since 2005. She loves combining her outdoor skills with dance, yoga and expressive arts to help girls build positive body images and feel great about themselves. Her travels have taken her backpacking through the vast desert and slot canyons of southern Utah, backcountry skiing and winter camping in the snowy Absorka mountain range, crack climbing in southern Colorado and swimming under waterfalls in the jungles of Venezuela. Lindsay is also a Spanish Interpreter, salsa teacher, and jewelry designer.
  • lizzy slatt 09.JPG
    Lizzy Slatt, MSW Field Staff/Girls and Women
    Lizzy grew up climbing on rocks in Central Park and discovered that her taste for the outdoors was better suited in the mountains rather than the city. Lizzy has her masters degree in social work and has been employed in the outdoor industry for over a decade. Lizzy currently facilitates junior high girls groups in the Ft. Collins school system. Her addiction to TWWI is the result of loving to see how each group of girls is different but how each group comes together. In her free time, Lizzy enjoys rock climbing, hiking and backpacking with friends. Lizzy has also taught herself guitar and “nose-flute” and has a deep respect for chocolate and cheese.
  • Ashley Woods_cropped.jpg
    Ashley Woods, Field Staff/Women
    Ashley started climbing with her family when she was six, and while some teenagers might look forward to getting their first car when they turn sixteen, she was delighted to receive her dad’s climbing gear. Since then, her love for the sport has been a driving force in her life. Ashley is an AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructor and an AMGA provider of the Climbing Wall Instructor course. She is a co-owner of the Spot Bouldering Gym and has served for 7 years as the Director of The Spot's Climbing School. She has completed numerous technical alpine ascents around the world, and broke the world record for the longest "dyno" (the act of dynamically leaping to a hold) on her way to a second place finish in the 2005 World Cup competition. A Women's Wilderness staff member since 2002, Ashley is a truly incredible teacher who loves sharing her passion for climbing with other women.
  • JoanneYankovich.jpg
    Joanne Yankovich, Field Staff/Women
    A professional outdoor educator of the highest degree, Joanne has led wilderness trips for TWWI and Outward Bound for many years. A professional ski instructor at Vail during the winter seasons, Joanne brings humor, dedication and humility to all of her endeavors.