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Welcome teachers, counselors, social workers, interventionists, preventionists, mentors, group leaders, and other folk who work with girls!

We have created this page as a resource to help you share information about The Girls' Wilderness Programs. Following suggests a few ways we might collaborate and provides access to helpful documents.

Interactive Presentations

WhyInteracting with girls is the most effective way to let them experience what the Girls' Wilderness Program is like, and demonstrate how we differ from other activities they may consider. We are currently scheduling presentations for our summer 2014 Girls' Wilderness Program.

WhatWe'll send one of our staff members to engage your students, including a slideshow and activity that gives girls a brief taste of what our programs are like. Our presentations usually fill a class period and they always include discussion that's relevant and meaningful to girls outside the connection to Girls' Wilderness. If girls are interested, we send them more information and follow up individually and any girl can come to presentation and then decide that it's not for her. We will also share information about financial aid and how to apply.

In the past, presentations through gym or health classes, community periods, adventure ed, sports teams, etc. have worked very well, and we're open to any other creative ideas that fit your school and schedule.

When/LogisticsBest time to schedule a presentation is in February or the first week of March. We can also present after CSAPs and vacation. Our presentations take 30-45 minutes, and we can easily work with groups of 15-40 students. If have a larger number of interested girls, we prefer to arrange consecutive presentations on the same day.

School Website, Newsletter and/or Newspaper Article
Dowload an article for your school's website, newspaper, parent newsletter or to include in a specialized email to girls and their parents. This is a great way to let families know about our program, our girl-centered philosophy and available financial aid.

Individual Communication with Interested Girls

We've found that some folks prefer to work directly with girls they think might enjoy our programs and we have plenty of resources to support your efforts. Further down this page, you can download applications, financial aid forms, "more info sheets" about specific courses, and paperwork in Spanish. You can also download a catalog by clicking on the icon to the right or send me an email to request multiple printed copies.

We're also available to answer questions and make suggestions for effective ways to share this information with girls and their families.

Registration & Financial Aid Materials

Check back! They are in the process of being updated for 2014! 

Article for Website or Newsletter

More Info Sheets

Check back! They are in the process of being updated for 2014! 
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