Scholarships available for all Girls' Wilderness Programs!

 Girls' Wilderness Program We are committed to providing generous, need-based financial aid so that girls from all economic backgrounds can participate. We offer scholarships for all of our girls' courses, and anticipate that approximately half of our participants will receive a full or partial scholarship. We’re proud to say that we have never turned away a girl in need of financial assistance!

How to Apply

It’s easy to apply for financial aid! Aid is awarded on the basis of need, so you will need to provide information about family income, the number of people that this supports, and any unusual financial circumstances you are facing. If you can afford part of the fee, we ask that you make an honest assessment of what you can contribute to your daughter's course. Give us a call at 303.938.9191, email, or download a Girls’ Financial Aid form and send it in with your course application packet.

Thanks to the many individual donors, foundation supporters, and corporate sponsors who make this generous financial aid program possible!